Bishop or Glenn?

Sorry, I seem to be having a little debate with Bomber fans who seem to think Glenn played a terrible game on Sunday vs. the Eskimo's, and all his throws basically were easy one's, and he choked in the final minute like he did when he was in Winnipeg. Some also go as far as saying Bishop is a better QB, so I thought i'd just bring this to the main forum to get a none biased opinion. I have no problem admitting I was wrong at all, that's what I need yall for. By the way, his stats that game were:
326 yards passing, 3 passing TD's, 2 INT's, 14 yards rushing.

IMO Glenn is the better QB. He is smarter than Bishop and more consistent. It wasn't Glenn's fault Hamilton lost. I think the turning point was when Cobb fumbled on the Edmonton 15 or 20 yard line - those points they missed would have been the difference.
Why did Glenn start rather than Porter?

IMO Glenn and Bishop are both fair to middlin' It is a matter of 6 INT's on one hand and 6 arm-punts on the other.

The winner of a 1 point game would be different if just 1 play goes the other way.

If Ricky Ray throws 1 more INT or has 1 more incompletion or Cobb doesn't fumble or a dozen other plays go the other way, the Cats win. Glenn played good enough to win and IMO that's all a QB has to do. A QB can't win a game all by himself.

Dusty, Porter has been playing with a thumb injury all year, and due to a torqued knee during the SSK game, MB felt he was unfit to play, so Glenn got the start.

they're both pretty inconsistant, IMO.
id have to give the slight edge to the ball boy.

If you're Hamilton you'd rather have Glenn, and if you're Winnipeg you'd rather have Bishop. It's not really a fair question.

Kelly didn't dump Glenn for Bishop, he dumped him for LeFors.

Glenn had worn out his welcome in Winnipeg, and with a new regime coming in it was time for him to move on. The fans (for the most part) wanted him replaced, Kelly certainly wanted him replaced, and I would not be in the least surprised to learn that Glenn himself wanted to move on.

So it's really not fair to pose a question as if the choice was between Glenn and Bishop.

Kelly did the right thing in moving Glenn out (but he handled it very poorly in my opinion). He did the wrong thing in assessing LeFors as being starter material. When it became clear that LeFors isn't ready for prime time, they went out and got Bishop. He's been better than LeFors.

I think it's a toss up right now , but it's nice to see them both having good games I not sure I have seen Glenn play as well as he did this week .

Glenn, he actually has the ability to throw accurately. Bishop's idea of accuracy is the left or right side of the field. :lol:

I like Glenn,.

Should of been MOP of 2007. He really got the shaft in Winnipeg.

Is a great fit in Hamilton.

Hope He takes the Cats to the Cup............and loses to the Riders.....hehe.

in '07, didnt he only get 10 wins, and have a poor second half of that season?

so, while it WAS glenn's best ever season, it was hardly MOP worthy, IMO.

Two best back ups in the league.

For sure, but Winnipeg needs to find someone to start ahead of him. There's gotta be someone out there, specially after nfl releases.

ah hell.. it wasn't Glenn's fault they LOST! it was James! dropping that pass in the endzone!

i suggest you leave Glenn alone.

Glenn played well, James drop in the endzone would have been enough to win the game. Cobb's fumble too was a biggy.

Bishop or Glenn?hmmmm,Im thinking more of Brock or Clements at the moment-lol.....I would have kept Glenn,but the BB fans turned on him bigtime,so no way could they keep him.Most BB fans wanted him gone,and got there wish,they thought another Qb was going to be better,have no idea who that might have been,thats why I wanted to keep him.No better QB that the BB could afford was around,fans didnt want Glenn or Lefors or now Bishop,well who the heck do they think we can get for under $200.000?Now i remember who they wanted,one of BC's Qb's they couldnt afford to trade for,and if they did,we would still need a QB cause he'd be knocked out sitting on the sidelines.

Neither, thanks.

Bishop or Glenn? I'll go the other way and take Bishop. Not as accurate as Glenn, but better big play guy. When Bishop is in the groove, he's a game changer. I've never seen that in Glenn.

Since Kevin Glenn has actually put a complete decent CFL season together, I think you have to go with him. Bishop was mediocre even in the year he was 11-1 as the starter, Glenn was quite good that year. I think Kevin Glenn has shown he can put together a good season as a CFL starter, something Bishop has yet to show (and he's 3 years older).

We can always compare the numbers as well :wink:
2009 Season:

Bishop - 56/115 - 48.7% - 708 Yds - 2 TDs 4 Ints - QB Rating 59.6
Glenn - 57/104 - 54.8% - 853 Yds - 6 TDs 4 Ints - QB Rating 85.1

Bishop always has that allure because of his arm strength.

Bishop, is there ever a question?