Bishop on Recallable Waivers

Looks like the Argos best qb in the pre-season may be on his way out of town. The more I look back on the trade that brought Kerry Joseph to Toronto, the more I wish that trigger was never pulled.

The Scullers could have used that first round pick, they really miss January (the o-lineman, not the month), they had to reacquire Ronald Flemons & the team seems to be split on who should be the starting qb.

Very interesting days in Argoland.

And that`s not all....Just saw a report on TSN by Dave Naylor.

Much of the argo team as well as Rich Stubler are totally behind Bishop. Arlen Bruce has come out and said Bishop should be the starter period.

There is a war going on between owner backed Pinball, and Coach Stubler. Owners are furious that Stubs has not endorsed the Premadona Joseph.

Now they say fine, we will just take him away from you.

I am disgusted with Pinball!!! Same report said Bishop was promised he would be #1 pivot when he agreed to extension through 2010, Bishop was on the way to Toronto when he heard from fellow team mate what had happened, ie bringing in Joseph.

Here`s the TOTAL story from the Globes Dave Naylor

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This team looks like a mess right now. I'm sorry Argo fans, but unless they get this together, I don't think they'll be the #1 team in the East like everyone had predicted.

The only person who should be on waivers without right of recall is Stubler. He was a super DC but has proven he has not shred of hope at being a head coach and knowing how to work with his coaches and players and not screw up the QB situation.

I am not usually an advocate of firing coaches mid season but bringing back Pinball might be the only way to avoid last place in the East.

Putting Bishop on waivers is not the way to manage the dicey QB situation. What a moron!!!

His explanation that you do this all the time is garbage in Bishop's case.


Who do you think is the better QB for the Toronto Argonauts?

Kerry Joseph 45%
Michael Bishop 42%
I can't decide 14%

Total Votes for this Question: 736

Michael Mishop should go to Saskatchewan because they're the only team that doesn't have good quarterback depth. If they got Bishop then Crandall could be there 2nd string.

OR send Joseph back to Sask

Problem there is the Argos Gave him new Deal .
This would Roughriders over the Cap
This An't Going Happen
He is the Argo QB.
The What the Owners and Pinball Want.

Bishops Days are Number in Argo Jersery
Just like there Head Coaches Are ..
Stubler is a DC Nothng more nothing Less
But He is a Good DC At that.

Bishop is an Avg QB With a Big Arm
Who been playing with a Great Defence Behind him
The Defence is Now a Leaky Boat Taking on Water.

The Argos Need to Think about rebuilding Soon.
There Age is showing.

Needless to say I disagree with post above. Bishop is a fantastic qb, a late bloomer you might say, but he has come in to his own the last year and a half. Everybody that has worked with Bishop over his career knew he was great, just that he never got clickin at the right time, WHATEVER!

His last stint in the Arena League really made the difference! Perhaps it was the very narrow field that honed his skills.

Argos believed that also, they where quite prepared to go forward with Bishop as their QB for the forseeable future...then they got a call about Joseph.

I disagree with the decision to go after Joseph, many share my feelings. I am not rooting for the Argos while Joseph is in.

Its funny that so many of you hold Bishop 100% responsible for The loss in the playoffs, but when Joseph throws 3 ints its not his fault.

I say wet his(Joseph`s) lips and stick him to the wall