Bishop On His Way

What a ridiculous statement! Kenny would have loved Bishop.

Maybe Kelly shouldn't have told the media Lefors picked Bowman over Armstrong. This team is a miror image of Kelly. N o question in my mind.

He probably chose Bowman because he knew Bowman wouldn't get mad, take his ball, and run home and pout!

im gonna get back on the issue of bishop coming to the bombers, and imo there is nothing wrong with this, heck if we could afford it id say bring in printers too. in our situation competition is not a bad thing! we do not have a clear #1 quarterback right now, so bringing in someone with experience is a good move, let bishop learn the system for awhile in the meantime the best qb during the week will start this weekend. if nothing else bishops presense will push everyone else to try and get their **** together. when he's ready give him his chance to play. he may or may not succeed but this type of change is showing the fans that the team is going to try and win football games. if we kept on our poor offensive play and didnt shake things up the fan support would crumble. bishop may not be our saviour or even be that good for us, but for other aspects as well i see nothing wrong with this move.

Yay! Bishop is coming back? I just enjoyed watching that guy throw a football. Is cannon an understatement? Sorry about Stefi, I was really hoping he could pull it off. Always liked Williams too, too bad he never got on a good team.

ha, it’s true… as much as I am no Bishop fan… watching him throw the ball is usually fun

Hey, if you can`t get behind Bishop, then at least stand in front of him as he throws the ball.

Look for Bishop to come out flat against his old team on Saturday (assuming he starts). Bishop hasn't taken any snaps since last season. He didn't participate in training camp or pre-season this year. He doesn't know the offence yet. I smell a lot of INT's this Saturday.

What a hateful thing to say!!! You will eat your words my friend. FYI Bish played some indoor football this spring just for fun and to stay in game shape.

Try 3 tds for 400+ yards to go along with 2 rushing tds. Score Bombers 51 Argos 13

Clip and save gang, clip and save.

You didn't predict how many interceptions he'll throw.........

If Bishop starts and plays the entire game, I see him possibly doing those numbers. How many ints? If you mean how many will Joseph throw, possibly 3 or 4.

Bishop could have a int or 2 also? Would it really matter if he produced the other numbers?

Bishop will run for close to 100 yards, regardless of the outcome.

Well, the last CFL game he played in, he threw 3 interceptions, fumbled twice, cost his team the playoff game, and was cut shortly thereafter.

You are right. I don't think Bishop will make much of a difference. He has not played since last year. Did not go to training camp.
Look ahead to another loss.

they should let him watch from the sidelines for a week and then throw him in the fire.

I can MAYBE see Bishop come into the game near the end, if the other guys fall-flat. M.B. won't be ready for a full-time starting gig for another 2 weeks or so, IMHO. It will be interesting to see how he does, though. Will this be a comeback-type situation, or will the old M.B., complete with bad decisions, show-up. Only time will tell...

Could we go easy on the initials? I'm starting to mix up Marcel Bishop and Michael Bellefeuille. My Bad. :?

...Bishop is in very good shape....has been working out with anticipation of joining the new league in the states....IF anyone thinks he isn't game better have another think coming... go have a look at him in practice....He's ready as soon as he gets some schemes down.. :wink:

Papa is excited. But wasn't Papa excited about LeFarce, too?

Papa would get excited if Bubbles showed up with his organ grinder to compete for QB.

[quote="on in two"]Papa is excited. But wasn't Papa excited about LeFarce, too?[

....Not as excitied as you were about the qb. Chase Clement this year, who laughed off the Cats organization and was last seen running out of the least Lefors hung around :lol: ..... :lol: :lol: