Bishop On His Way

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Two sources close to the Bombers said yesterday the team is finalizing a deal with hard-throwing quarterback Michael Bishop, formerly of the Toronto Argonauts and Saskatchewan Roughriders, and there's a chance he will be here as early as today.

One of the sources indicated there's even a chance Bishop could start next Saturday in Toronto against his former team.

Bishop was coy when reached last night in Texas, but he hinted he was all but on his way to Winnipeg.

Will they stop with just Bishop ? Or is Printers close behind.

...interesting thought piggy....They have been talking to both.....They way i feel right now....Cut LeFors and Randall....keep Williams...eventually go with Bishop and have a look at Casey....Something tells me the qb. situation is being handled a whole differently behind the scenes...Why not bring in Printers.. :wink:

Excellent News! Just what I was praying for! I spoke to Dave Nalor this morning via email (GLOBEAND MAIL) the guy actually answers his email, cool guy. He told me that Printers name was mentioned but they all agreed Bishop was the way to go. He was planning on contacting AGAIN Michael Bishop right after this mornings reporters show on TSN, but looks like its a done deal according to the Sun.

Will not be a problem for Bish to be ready, he had the same time to prepare for his first start with Riders last year.


This is a good pickup for the B.B. Iv always thought he was a soild QB. He will not have much time to get used to the new plays and all that jaz, I could see Willams starting this saterday, and M.B the following week!

....Takes awhile to get the system down on any team...after saying that i believe Bishop did a credible job in picking up the complex Rider attack last year....His biggest worry there was, a serious contender in Durant for the no 1 job....He won't have that in the Peg....IF....Bishop plays at high level..(i know he can throw the ball) and not make too many crucial errors. He should do alright....I still think besides all of this, an o.c. should be brought in....Even though the BigBlue qbs. stunk-out the joint...i didn't care for some of the play calling and the way some very good offensive players were being utilized....Time to make some big corrections.. :wink:

Great. So now we’ll have Bishop hand off to Reid up the middle on 2nd and long. That’ll make it all better. Can bishop block on the oline as well? Unless the playcalling and oline are better, does it make a difference who plays behind center at this point?

...our o line IS NOT that bad........Giles hasn't even been used properly as of now....Reid is carrying the load but when you get a predictable offence...cuz the other teams know you can't pass, the obvious happens...dead in the water. Bishop will definitely loosen things up because the opposition knows he can get it done with his arm...Now the real question will be...can Bishop eliminate a lot of his previous errors (propensity to be intercepted)...IF he can....put that together with a strong d....we're right back in the picture....Hell we're only into game 5 of the 09 season...lots can still happen in this league :wink:

Uhmmm.. "finalizing" a deal does not indicate signed, hard for Bishop to be a BB if he hasn't "signed" a contract yet.

;;;if you put any stock into what Naylor's a done deal.. :wink:..What's the matter you guys squirming a bit :lol: :lol: :lol:

there's really no point finalizing a deal that isn't going to be signed..

Here`s the update

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Winnipeg fans seem very excited by this. Are you forgetting the following?:

-Bishop was driven out of the league last year for almost singlehandedly losing the playoff game for the Riders
-Bishop's brain and tendency to throw picks are a real issue
-this is a real slap inthe face to Randall and Williams. Should really create a lot of joy in the locker room.
-Who is Bishop going to throw to? Everybody blames LeFors, but the Bomber receivers have absolutely sucked this year (I actually think they are tanking on purpose to get Kelly fired)
-Mike "bonehead" Kelly is still masterminding the offensive gameplan

The good news for Bomber fans is that when your team loses the next two straight despite bringing in savior Bishop, management will have no choice but to axe Kelly.

My money is also on him playing in TO this weekend.

Printers would be a better choice, Bishop should be in town this week and Lefores will be let go sent packing!

....RECEIVERS SUCK.....I think you better look at all of the qbs. who couldn't get them the ball....that's going to change,much to your chagrin, out in two........Bishop is going to find them with a few can count on that

....slap in the face to Randall and Williams....i think not....they got a shot and didn't look any better than LeFors...i think they're expecting what's around the cornor

...The Cats next game is against a snarly ol Wallys should be more concerned more bout that, than what the BigBlue are going to accomplish


very excited seems like a slight overstatement.. I see a whole lot of fans saying it's only good because you can't get any worse than what we already have..

I think I agree with one of your points, the rest is all over-reaction panic talk…or just simply the Mike Kelly hatred seeping through. Either way…

I’m GLAD somebody finally brought up the receivers. A bulk of Lefors’ problems are his own fault, but there’s been times where he’s MADE the throw and we’ve got guys dropping it. Brock Ralph has been bad for this, Bryant has too, and some of the younger guys as well. When a QB is trying to regain his confidence and get into rythm, receivers dropping passes that they SHOULD catch is a problem. But we’ll just ignore that and blame Lefors for everything…hey while we’re at it let’s blame the Economic Crisis on him too!

Here’s my take on Edwards and Bryant. Last year they were #3 and #4 on the receivers list (Stegall and DA being #1 and #2). That meant they weren’t the focal points of the defense, as the defense was FIRST worried about shutting down Milt, and then shutting down Armstrong (before his injury). Now THEY are the focal point of the defenses, and now they gotta do what Milt made a career of and that is, getting open when they’re game planned against. It doesn’t sound like much but when the defense spends most of the week focusing on you, getting open becomes harder. This is something Edwards and Bryant are going to have to fight through, and I think we saw Edwards doing it towards the end of the game on Friday. The great receivers, the Milt Stegalls, Allen Pitts, and Ben Cahoons of the CFL all find ways to get open regardless of what the defense does to them. It’s something Edwards and Bryant haven’t had to do recently but they’re going to have to do it soon.

If Bishop can protect the ball, this could be a good move. The one plus for him, he doesn’t really have to look over his shoulder for a Kerry Joseph or a Durant. I like Kelly’s move with the QB, where he stayed with Lefors as long as he could and then made a complete change, I think that’s the way to do it. Not start a guy, then bench him, then start him next, then bench him. That just creates a QB controversy and then you have TWO QB’s who are trying to force something to win the position. Kelly may have created a QB issue with putting Lefors in too early as a starter, but I credit him with not creating a QB controversy that lasts for weeks.

I’m also guessing you’re completely missing the fact that Mike Kelly has been an offensive coordinator for MOST of his 30 odd years as a professional/university coach? He even has a Grey Cup ring from when he was an OC here in Winnipeg. His play calling was a bit odd in some situations, BUT running on 2nd and Long is NOT an uncommon practice for a lot of coaches. You may not see it much in the CFL, but in college, university and even NFL the concept of running on a passing down isn’t new. The idea is you catch the defense playing pass coverage, probably a zone or something, which opens up the field for a run. With a RB like Fred Reid who’s got speed and can make people miss it’s not a bad move, and you HAVE to use a draw in the situation so the defense bites on the drop back motion, if you go with a simple handoff, the defense reads that movement right away and converges.

As for the O-Line, they’ve been as good as you can expect for a bunch of guys who are still learning how to play together as a unit. Allowing the least amount of QB sacks, and anchoring (until last week), the best rushing attack in the CFL, what more do you want from them?

Heres a quote from the story

The Bombers opted to go with Bishop, 33, because of his 11-1 run as a starter for the Argos in 2007 and his ability to fit in well with teammates.

Printers has a notorious reputation, rightly or not, of rubbing people the wrong way; Gray has a family and is considering playing in the new United Football League, as is Johnson. Crandell is now on the coaching staff of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Love - life's greatest reward. Let it flow it flows back to you... :roll: :roll: :roll:

I'm afraid bringing in Bishop may be like putting up wallpaper on the's vaguely related to the problem and might conceal it for a while, but it won't solve it. (Kelly's ego may be the iceberg.)

Consider his two playoff games, against BC last year and us the year before......underwhelming to say the least, when it mattered most.