Bishop named player of the week!

Saskatchewan Roughrider quarterback Michael Bishop has been named the CFL’s Offensive Player of the Week.

In Sunday’s 34-31 win over Winnipeg, Bishop completed 24 of 30 passes for 370 yards and three touchdowns. In the second half of that game he connected on 16 of 17 pass attempts for 238 yards and two touchdowns. In addition, Bishop rushed the ball nine times for 56 yards.

Sunday was Bishop’s second game with the Green and White. In those first two starts, the Kansas State product has connected on 34 of 53 pass attempts for 477 yards and three touchdowns for a 64.2 completion percentage. He also has accumulated 20 carries for 157 yards and one touchdown in those two games.

This is the first CFL player acknowledgement for Bishop who is now in his seventh CFL season.

Also receiving acknowledgement in the weekly awards was kicker Luca Congi who was runner-up in the Special Teams Player of the Week category.

Rats, broke the streak. Hope it isn't a bad omen :lol:


Not a good sign at all! I was pulling for Cavillo all the way on this one!

FRICK! this is bad, not only has Bishop stole the QB job now he ruined out POW losing streak. FFS!


You guys are killing me!!!!

It's nice to know that we have a QB that can outperform Ricky Ray, Henry Burris, Anthony Calvillo, Buck Pierce, Casey Printers, and Kerry Joseph, while in a sold-out opposing team's stadium, two weeks into the playbook, when his top 6 recievers are out with injuries.

Sniff, it's, just so .... sniff .... beautiful

Thank you MB......I shall now enjoy my BBQ crow.....

Goes down better with Pil and bulls eye bbq sauce.

Bishop’s 4th quarter brought tears to my eyes and the biggest wheat eatin’ grin to my face…unbelievable power and accuracy…
heaven forbid another injury to occur…very comfortable having Durant as #2.


Good to see the Riders getting some recognition although it would have been great to say "we won the Grey Cup without having a single Player of The Week"

Next week...Offensive Player of the Week (Bishop) vs. Defensive Player of the Week (Wake). Should be interesting!

Bishop looked like an allstar on Sunday. Of course if it wasn't for the nice touchdown catch by Dressler, or the other one by Marshall (I believe) his numbers don't look too great. The recievers really stepped it up, and made Bishop look unbelievable. Bishop gave all of the credit to the rest of the offence in his interview. Sounds like his attitude has changed slightly since coming from TO.

Amazing what happens when you move from a team that completely hosed you in the off season and has a losing record, and get moved to a team that doesn't hose you and you're top of the league. I think the whole Toronto thing was more a product of his surroundings than him having a bad attitude in general.

Mike Bish is not a fish!

Exactly! Very well said!

I just don't understand why everyone gets all worked up about the POTW awards. The main goal is the ultimate team award- the Grey Cup.