Bishop just can't do it.

I don't care if he has a rocket for an arm. I don't care if he can throw for 400 or 500 yards in a game. It is virtually guaranteed that unless your defense is incredible, Bishop will make at least two or three boneheaded plays per game that will hurt you very badly. Miller keeps saying he wants consistency. Well, at least he has it. Bishop consistently makes a couple of boneheaded plays every game and consistently thinks he can hit the bomb every fourth or fifth play.

Get Bishop on the bench and give Durant a chance. Bishop is 32 and with his physical ability if he is not a star now he never will be.

here's a thought, TO is rebuilding, Joseph is not playing, why not make some moves and get Joseph back in Regina, the Riders run a better offence to suit his style, then what TO has to offer, Bishp is okay but not a starter i still think Durant should be #1

i suggested that trade 2 weeks ago (Bishop for Joseph) and boy did I get a tongue lashings,lol


Not going to happen, our salary cap just couldn't handle it - that's why he was traded in the first place. Besides Joseph is also inconsistent and that's not what they need right now though without a running game we do apparently need a miracle worker throwing the ball.

Hasn't anybody taken into consideration the tools at Bishops disposal in the Montreal game? No Wes Cates - no running game and missing O'Day - it would have been miraculous had we pulled this one out. I know we've become used to miracles this year but don't pin this loss on Bishop.

I am aware of the tools Bishop had and I did not really expect to win. What I was hoping for was smart decisions on the QB's part and that didn't seem to happen. In the time he has been here I have seen several poor decisions made and that is simply a continuation of what he did when he was with Toronto. Several excellent plays accompanied with several horrible bone-headed plays is a pattern he has followed his entire career and I just don't see it changing now.

Of course Cates absence hurt us. Bishop has never been a consistent QB so I'm not sure why anyone thought that would change here. He had over 350 yards passing but it doesn't matter if you make terrible decisions when we have a chance to score. I thought our young receivers played really well and that helped with the passing yards. I really don't see us winning with Bishop and he doesn't seem to be a great team player.

Exactly if Bishop was a team player he wouldn’t think that he has to do it all himself but he seems to be under the impression that if he doesn’t do it no one will. There were several times in that Montreal game where Bishop over threw open recievers. Dressler is almost always open and Bishop kept throwing the ball ahead of him. Dressler is the fastest guy out there and if he can’t keep up with the throws then he is over throwing it. Bishop has no touch and I will take a QB with touch over one that can throw the ball a mile.

I would rather see Crandell at this point.

yeah he can sure throw a nice ball then next play looks like Crandell just brutal, if the team was healthy then maybe things would look allot different, does not look good Riders just might be in last place in two weeks time, I thinks some trades can happen and won’t count them out Tilmans brain is working on something i’m willing to bet, as for salary cap not and expert on how this works but moving some players can free up some money, palyers like Matt who is done and i doubt Flick will be any good when he gets back. Riders have loads of players then can trade once the team gets healthy and there are lots of teams looking for improvements.