Bishop is USELESS!!!

I can assure you, if you had GOD on your team, you wouldn't have.

I hope Bishop and Miller both take a holiday to some unclosed destination and live happily ever after.

Any team going into the season or playoffs with Michael Bishop as their starting QB ain’t going anywhere.

BC put an old fashioned whipping on Sask. Congrats Cats, but why did Bishop start? Durant woulda done so much more. Tillman: You should kept Kerry, blew up in your face, bro.

Sarah Palin would like to dispute that fact.

Mpdid, Not sure but I thought I saw Mike Bishop with a travel Manitobia broshure after the game. Would that mean! NOOOOO sorry buddy do not want you guys thinking he might end up in Bomber town next year. I could not bear to watch Pappa and Piggy burn their blue and gold jerseys in fright!

LOL. There’s more than a few Rider fans that will pay the one-way ticket and the first week of the hotel room. :lol:

I think it'd be in his best interest to just retire... Don't want to end up like Bonds, looking for work but no one willing to sign you.

And if we had Burris or Ray we would have smacked you down worse. What a dopey comment. Suck it up and own the win instead of looking for excuses. Fact is Bishop is your QB and you play games with your team not what ifs with players from other teams. weak sauce or what?

LOL and I would be beagle that they are setting up road blocks into town lol.

Could you blame them?? :rockin:

Well Beagle we know the reason the Argos helped him pack.

I won’t complain if Bishop stays in Saskatchewan. Riders should just keep him. He seems like a nice guy.

I'm an Argos fan. Now Rider fans can truly feel my pain. Bishop played just as horrible in this game, as he did in the Eastern Final last year against Winnipeg. Bishop can't win the big games. I don't know what it is with that guy. I think he's a great guy, nice guy, but he's not a smart QB. He's got a rocket for an arm, he has his positive moments but consistency is nowhere to be found. I think the only reason why they elected to start Bishop was because he had previous playoff experience. I think it's over for Bishop now.

The Rider D was awesome and they would have shut BC down all night if they didn't have to play every single down. 7 turnovers means the D was out there back to back over and over again. I'm sorry but the Lions offence was not to impressive if it wasn't for Bishop would have been a different story.

On another note good job BC you played a solid game and deserved the win. Good luck in Calgary.

The end of Bish maybe as a starter maybe, I don't know. A lot of tools to work with but not sure how to use them. Needs more smarts. Hats off to BC, whale of a gam.

IMHO it would serve the cfl,s interests much better if they developed the plethora of cis qb talent than to continue to shove Developmental ncaa qb,s like bish on us CANADIAN football fans!!

I agree. The receivers need to get open. The offense needs to perform as a unit. Even O'Day was off on a couple snaps.

However, watch Bishop drop back and pass. His eyes are constantly on one spot. He never looks away from the primary receiver.

He is easy to telegraph.

Also, he drops the football in very important situations. Short yardage plays, he just drops the ball. It seems like an easy concept - Hold on to the football. Dropping back to pass . . . drop the football. These are mistakes that happen to everybody, but they cannot happen that many times in the short amount of time he played with the Riders.

His overthrows and underthrows could be the result of routes being ran wrong in some cases but video evidence sows over and over his absolute inaccuracy.

Rider fans were warned about Bishop by naysayers at the time of the trade. Many Rider fans wanted to believe Bishop was good. I was one of them. We were wrong. The naysayers were right.

I think most of you guys are too hard on Bish.
I wish my Argos were not as stupid and he was here in Toronto.
Having said that, he had a decent year with the Riders and most fans are irate with him based on the last game and the big loss to the Lions.
OK so he had a bad game, but so did the Offense, Defense and special teams. You can't pin the loss squarely on Bishops shoulders.
Overall a QB gets way too much praise and credit when the team wins and similarly too much blame for a loss.

Bishop has been placed on waivers, so who cares!

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