Bishop is USELESS!!!

His career is done. Thanks for trying but your efforts were not good enough.
Too many times you would fumble when nobody hits you.
Throwing the ball in a hail mary fashion in absolute inaccurate ugliness.

Anyways I gotta go.

Bishop is done.

Agreed. I don't understand why Miller stuck with him. I don't think there's a QB out there who throws more picks than him. Release him and get some extra cash for 2009.


That chicks about to give you a wet willy.

...finally showed what the Argos wanted to get rid of.....I hope the hell he doesn't show up in the Peg.... :lol: :roll:

yes brutal, i dont understand they did a bone head move much like what the Bombers did stuck with there QB who can't move the ball, i still believe that if you can't score points move the ball by halftime you get pulled even if its for a few series sometimes this does wonders, you could tell by the first 5 minutes of the game that it was going to be a bad game for Bishop. thats when Durant should have come in. Bishop throws more ints then Td's i think he will be only as good as a backup which i'm fine with, Durant should be the man next year, unless they trade for Glenn :slight_smile: This could have been won by the Riders today if they had a QB that could move the ball, our defence did all they could, feel bad for them. Suprised if Bishop is back next year.

One guy does not win/lose a game - it's a team thing.

No one is saying one guy wins or loses football guys, but Bishop played like crap today, and he's played like crap all season.

In all the big games this year he laid an egg, obviously the reason we lost was for bigger reasons than his ineptness today, but he contributed his share. We left him in the game until he finally gave it away with the Int TD, that was a mistake by the coaches. Luckily our defense kept us in the game through 3 quarters.

…IF one guy doesn’t make that much difference in the won/loss column…how about a trade Glenn for Bucky… :wink:

Yes, Bishop was awful. But Miller kept him in there and made him the starter. Also, the Riders had no running game and got beaten badly by the Lions front 7. Bishop does not control that.

Considering all the injuries and all the lucky wins where the bounces and calls always went rider way, they really overachieved by hosting a playoff game, even more so without a solid starting QB. Letting Joseph go probably cost them a second championship.


Seems with DD gone Walley wants a QB who can manage the game and not make mistakes. That is not Glenn at all, especially since we have JJ who is more of a big play quaterback as a back-up.

Barney Miller knew that it didn't matter who was QB. Don't pin this win on Can't Get Right. He did not play well but give credit where credit is due. The Lions D was spectacular. Awesome. Unbeatable.

Lions D did play well Offence did not Riders kept them on the field, Lions offence will have to play alot better in Calgary good luck

Yeah about that Banjo Bowl ...shakes fist

Don't be too down on Bish ... our D was on point today, apart from a couple INTs, and that drop, it wasn't really his fault. When Cates can't do anything, Bishop had no choice but to go for the high risk, low percentage tosses.

Yeah he didn't play great, but we only scored 14 pts off those turnovers. Take those points out and we still would have won the game. The sask D just couldn't get it done today. They came out strong, stopping us on those early turnovers, but then they fell apart. Especially on the run, Logan ate them for breakfast.

I don't think it would've mattered if you called in the bishop, the priest or did a full scale exorcism for that matter. BC was too much to handle.

Bishop was useless today

not in this game miss.

I can promise you, that if the Riders had a guy like Ray, or Burris in that game, instead of crap bishop,

we would have won.

Not sure why they didn't run Bishop out of the pocket more much like Cgy did last week but they kept running Cates up the middle. Was Bishop injured or have some nagging injury nobody knew about?