Bishop Is Through

I think we have seen the last of Michael Bishop in an Argos uniform, unless some kind of 4th quarter miracle occurs.

I would say he is the prime reason the ARgos are so far behind. He has missed several wide open recievers, and has made alot of dumb decisions.

This guy may be able to throw the ball through a brick wall, but unfortunately his brains don't match his talent.

I too question is smartness, but dont think he is through yet. They havent got anybody better to replace him yet.

Yes they do Dave Dickenson next year.

the receivers are the ones running sloppy paterns and dropping the ball. They look like they all got hangovers.

They could try to turn Butler into a starter. Provided he's still with the team. (Did they trade him and I just forgot?)

They did practice and stay in hiding all week. Maybe the were drinking it up.
In all fairness to Bishop this is his first big game and the coaches should have had a better game plan instead of " throw deep ".

yeah, after the first two possesions where they tried deep, I just knew they did not have a good game plan and would lose, sigh

iunno don't know if it is really bishops fault. the offence they made had him roll alot and he is not that style of QB. When he rolls he closes off a field and hebert was all over bruce and talbot.

...thanks for Haywood ..Als....this guy was a little wrecking ball...the Bombers defence deserves a lot of credit....and will be tough in the Grey Cup....go Bombers... :thup: :rockin:

...Bishop looked to be the qb. we always thought he was....great arm....that's it... :wink:

Just an awful game plan by Buratto IMO. When he saw Bishop was freaked out and couldn't hit his receivers he should have had Bishop start running the ball himself.
Also run the option play with Avery to bring the DB's up and open up some room for a deep pass.
Winnipeg got some lucky bounces but I think the Argo coaching staff got out coached...and now I have to go to the GG and watch a crap Winnipeg team without Glenn in what will probably be a laughter for who ever comes out of the West. What a bummer. lol

being how sad things are in toronto already, as far as cfl support goes, by media and the people, I expect this to be the worst attended cup in decades.

Bullschat, the Bombers turned the tables on the Argos today with great defense and special teams play. Beat them at their own game.

The Bombers took the running game away from the Argos making their offense one dimensional and then did an outstanding job containing Bishop and forcing him throw into coverage. Just like the Argos have done to so many others this year.

The game is already sold out.
But I'm sure we'll hear the usual baseball fans in the Hogtown media telling us how nobody in Toronto cares.
We should be used to it by now.

Bishop sucks.
every series was the same: handoff, then throw a bomb...if i can figure out what they will do, im sure it was easy enough for the bombers.

pathetic turn out by toronto, pathetic display by bishop.

maybe now the argos will cut avery and edwards ( who fumbles every playoff game ), as well as the unneeded receivers like mookie and boe....they need the same 4 or 5 receivers every game. ( bruce, miles and talbot every play and switch between ceitot and murphy )

Clemons may be a nice guy, but you have to wonder if he is any good as a coach. The play calling was predictable. Too many long bombs that went nowhere. Too many receivers bunched together. No imagination on running plays. And keeping Bishop in there too long when he was obviously in over his head.
Like I say. Clemons may be a saintly person. But as a coach, you have to wonder if he knows what he's doing.

Just think if Austin was still there offensive coordinator and mentoring Bishop....hmmmm

I think theyll go out and get someone else Allen leaving will free up some money and I dont think they pay Bishop a lot I could be wrong tho.

I have to say, both the West and East semi-finals were far more exciting to watch imho. Either that, or the media gave it too much hype, and I expected more. Feel very bad for Kevin come so far and have this happen to him. Both teams going into the Cup..wanted this more it appears. And their long absence from the Big Final puts them on a level playing field. good luck to all!

I honestly havent really been into it this year. Theres not a single game that stood out that I could say that was a great game there were a few ok games but mostly been boring. Maybe Im getting old. It was nice to see Stegall get the TD record. Probably the only reason Ill watch all of the Grey Cup to see him.

So much for the Tom Brady endorsement... but what ever happened to that NFL guy, Couch? Crouch? Wasn't he some high draft potential?