Bishop is a lucky man

This is mostly my opinion but he seems to have some luck on his side. He comes in at the end of the Argo Lions game and puts a respectable game to his credit, then he gets the start against a bad Hamilton team and cruises to an easy victory, and now he plays another young and not yet good Stampeder defense to show his stuff.

By the time he plays a solid defense he has a great chance to already have the starting job all locked up. Perhaps he will prove me wrong but I think he's over rated, and these 2 teams are only going to help his stats.

not to mention calgary played just 5 days ago.

I sort of agree with you. Blowing out Hamilton these days isn't that hard, and considering how hard Calgary has fallen over the last week... I don't think we've seen the "true" Bishop yet.

like the crew says, hes got the body, always has, still waiting for him to prove he has the head for it. That will take a whole season.

He’s made a bunch of bad throws in this game, along with some nice one’s, but the game was handed to him on a platter.

Yeah, I think of lot of credit goes to the defence tonight.

I thought this was interesting. I was looking at Bishop's stats, and he has 3 TDs and 260 yards, but he also has 2 INTs.

He's out now with a hurt hand. He left in an ambulance. Not so lucky, I think. :lol:

Shades of :

"They didn't do Jack to us!"