Bishop guarantees a Banjo Bowl victory!!!

"We turned the ball over and they stopped us down on the goal line," Bishop continued. "If we punch that in then the momentum changes and we go in at half feeling good. But they stepped up and made plays. But we're going to whoop their *** next week. Put that in there."

LOL what is this guy thinking? Couple that with Kellys comments on the Riders not being a good team and it makes you wonder just what the hell is going on in Bummerland! Oh well keep the bullitin board full of reasons for the Green guys to come out strong next week.

...if they punch that one in before the half it is a different ball game and I suppose they do feel pretty good about it so I dont see a Laugh Out Loud reply as appropriate...

Bombers are better than anyone gives them credit for and the game was closer than anyone could have expected. Riders will have their hands full (though I think Bishop is wrong and the Riders will win). :slight_smile:

The only guarantee that Bishop can make is to keep serving up the interceptions like he did tonight. Now that is predicable.

If my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle! Sure, IF they did punch it in..... Or maybe if he didn't throw those interceptions? It wouldn't have been a laugh out loud kinda quote if it was someone like Doug Brown, or another player who's been with the team more than 3 games who was saying it. So I guess it's not the guarantee so much as who was saying it.

Why is he going out and making guarantees all of a sudden? He needs to work on ball control before he talks talking about guarantees.

I guarantee he'll be the league leader in throwing INT's by the end of the season :lol:

I dont see a Laugh Out Loud reply as appropriate
Than you don't know Michael Bishop

Yup everything Bishop says makes me laugh, I think he got dropped on his head too many times as a kid. Thank God he's not here anymore.

Why not throw a gaurantee out there,what do players really have to lose,I have never bought into that it's bulltin board material crap.If you need to get pumped up over what another player said,I think your in the wrong game.For me it's just for the fans sake so they have something to talk about and get pumped up for

Some of my fellow Bomber fans confuse me.They dont like it when are QB throws for a 100yds with a 40% comp rate and a win,all they complain about are his stats and forget we won,and then they dont like it when he's at a 60% rate for over 300 yds and lose.We cant have it both ways ppl-lol...I'll take Sean Salisbury with a 48% comp rate and a Grey Cup anyday.

But one thing about him though, he can bounce right back after ugly outings. What was that name people had for Bishop on here last year? "Cant Get Right" is that it?

Honostly though, if Winnipeg gets in the playoffs, they are my pick for the eastern reps in the cup. I would rather see Hamilton since I love the Ti Cats! But for some reason I have this feeling that if they can get in(which it looks like they have the tools to do), They could be a very dark hourse...... Oh ya IMO, of course.

The problem with making a guarantee, wpgthunder, is in sports, nine out of ten times it comes back to bite the person. Look at the Steelers player who said his team would beat the Patriots a couple seasons ago. We all know what happened there. Look at Kevin Eiben a couple seasons ago when he said Winnipeg wouldn't score more than 9 points in its playoff game against Toronto.

Those are just a couple examples off the top of my head. I'm sure others could come up with more. Not to mention, Bishop is the last person who should be making guarantees considering he's the one who cost the Bombers.


The Bombers should be favourites at home next week. They will be hungrier. They will work all week on cutting down mistakes and poor decisions. The Riders will have to play very well to win in Winnipeg. However, if the Riders sweep the series, watch out CFL for the GREEN MACHINE WHICH IS JUST STARTING TO GET ROLLING.

BOMBERS DROOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

They might want to start by getting Bishop some protection on the right side of the O line. He was running for his life.

Usually this home and home is a split.. the Bombers stunk the joint out yesterday, so it our turn to return the favour..

Because we owe em one? Im a little confused with this post

Heck I like the BB chances of winning the return game more than my Argos.

Does Bishop even know the offense fully? The bring him in and throw him out there. I am sure that he is playing catch up but he just doesn't look like he knows the offense that well.

Perhaps he should guarantee a game with no interceptions first.