Bishop gave us what I expected

He never looked comfortable, didn’t take care of the ball, couldn’t more the offense, couldn’t convert in the red zone, BUT managed to do just enough to keep himself in the game (I personally would have pulled him after the 1st half, but Miller is willing to stick with him for some reason).

I have been saying for the last month that Miller has been crazy to be playing musical chair at the quarterback in the last few weeks of the season. This is what you get for doing that. This loss lays squarely on the shoulders of Bishop and Miller’s willingness to stick with him.

To be perfectly honest I didn’t think we stood a chance today with Bishop as QB. Hopefully Eric the Red releases Bishop in the offseason so we don’t have to worry about Miller going back to him. I will honestly have a hard time gutting out another Rider game wondering what Bishop will show up.

What a mess, the best we looked offensively all game was the drive Durant put together.

Me thinks Bishop played his last game as a Rider. Especially since we need the cap space.

Have a good offseason Rider fans!

I suspect that you are right.

Look what happened when he got pulled. Darian drove it down the field, i mean he didn't get a touchdown but still, he did a lot better.

Thats the thing we will never know, Bishop should have been pulled after 1st half with Durant coming in, could have really played out different as the Lions did not play the greatest game Riders kept them in it, Durant deserved a chance and it could have been a different game. Hope your all right Bishop gone for next year as that was an emabarrasment, if that would have been an NFL game his career would be over.

If you look at all the big games this year he really hasn't played well in any of them. He put up roughly the points he put up in the playoffs last year. When the pressure is there the good Bishop is nowhere to be found.

I held out hope he'd have one of his games like he did against the Stamps, but he gave us the same thing he did in our 2 blowout losses.

Bishop is terrible. The play calling was horrible. Our defense played good, but there is only so much you can do when you are on the field for 80 percent of the game.

Today was an embrassment, given the expected outcome "Bishop being a failure" the only thing that could have made this type of loss acceptable was if it was played in another city.

Hopson and Tillman should be called out for putting there egos ahead of the football team. I have never been more embrassed to be cheering for a team without a legitimate starting quarterback. Bishop has been a major disappointment and I hope he is gone.

Bye Bishop!

I would like to know where austinpowers is. He seems to think Bishop is the greatest quarterback in the league.

BC put an old fashioned whipping on Sask. Congrats Cats, but why did Bishop start? Durant woulda done so much more. Tillman: You should kept Kerry, blew up in your face, bro.

I had low expectations of Bishop and he consistently failed to exceed them.

I hear Casey Printers is available....

this game should also come down on Et and Miller I cant understand the love they have for bishop to stick with him to the bitter end, based on what past history he squeaked buy the weakest teams in the league got slammed buy all of the good teams except for edmonton which our third string had well at hand and they brought bishop in for confidence. So he get up to pace with Durant and Jilles, the only lopsided score he had all year handed to him buy another quaterback. Also anyone who watches the riders know that in the first quater if bishop is shakey he just plays good enough to convince ken to leave him in the game when we have two other quaterbacks who have proved they can win time and again. Drop bishop before next year or teach your coach to make a tough decision or the stands wont be sellouts. Tickets drive this team not stubborn egos.

What did Hopson have to do with Bishop? Nothing. Oh yeah. He fired your buddy Shivers. I dont know if trading for Bishop was Miller or Tillman. I heard it was Miller. But I know who is the boss. If Riders dont cut Bishop and sign Durant it is on ET. He hired Miller. Shivers didnt fire Barrett. That was on him and got Shivers fired.

I said over and over to give Bishop a chance with healthy players like Fantuz and Cates and Oday. He was bad with them today. I was wrong. Miller should have put Durant in the game. When the 3rd quarter started.

The decision to trade Joseph and utlimately take the riders into the season without a proven starter caused the riders the it season. That has nothing to do with shivers......but I can see how you think that....since it was shivers who made the deal to get him here.

Now the reason, why both Hopson and Tillman need to go, is that both of them would have been in on the decision to trade Joseph. The GM is going to let the President of the club know he is trading away his most vauable marketing product. If you don't think Tillman told Hopson and Hopson agreed with the logic you are sadly mistaken.

I don't think pulling Bishop earlier would have changed the outcome. Our run game wasn't going and that was a huge factor. Maybe the season would have been different had Durant been given the chance to start 5 or 6 games ago. Either way Bishop won't be starting next year but neither will Durant. I'm pretty sure he won't be a Rider next year.

Bishop again did what he always does. He gave Miller just enough hope that maybe he could make one of his plays to turn the game around. I think he's been waiting for three games now since he gave the starting role to Bishop going into the playoffs. Miller was so keen on keeping Bishop as the number one. Durant and Jyles each got to start one game in the last stretch there but other than that they got garbage time when the game is out of reach and the team isn't into the game like they were starting it. I am a Durant fan i'll admit that. But I also had high hope bringing in Bishop while Durant was hurt thinking maybe he could help out. But going .500 down the stretch, throwing more interceptions than td's and not being able to move the ball more than 20 yrds down the field is horrible. Two of his picks were hiddeaous when he threw that bomb in the air and it started floating and spinning the wrong direction I just closed my eyes adn hoped it stayed up there. The other where he went to throw it away and threw it right at two defenders and into the ones chest. (Best pass I saw all day :smiley: , too bad it was the wrong colour haha). I don't know if Durant will resign he has been quoted saying he'll go where needed but Miller didn't show much confidence by not turning to him earlier in the playoff game (I thought for sure when the D recovered that fumble before the half there and got some momentum back that DD would be coming in. But he didn't get in till again the game was over and he even managed to move the ball 80 yrds or soemthing?? more than bishop had all day. I hope to see DD on the roster next year with a new contract and not Bishop anywhere near our roster. If DD lets go he'll become a future star on another team I think and it'll just be another young player that the riders released just in time for them to develop into stars on another team