Bishop Falters in the Big Game ... Again

Michael Bishop has often been described as having all the tools a quarterback could ever want, but brains the size of a squirrel. Once again he came up with a poor performance in a big game. Several times there were receivers open, and he failed to make a good pass, or threw to a receiver who appeared to not be expecting the ball.

Pressure was consistent today, but he did not get smacked around too much, if anything the TiCat defense did a good job of keeping him in the pocket, a place that can be strangely uncomfortable for Bishop. Bishop is often more affective when he rolls out and throws on the run. Our DBs played well, but the often did not need to do anything other than stay in coverage to break up passes.

I'm not sure about this guy, one week he looks amazing, the next week just awful. I don't know if it was a factor, but he had been struggling through a hamstring injury.

Another chapter closes for Bishop. I wonder who Kelly things the QB should be next year?


Bishop and Durant have made huge mistakes the last 2 weeks.

In games in which there was a wind, both guys were trying to force the ball downfield. The Cats were taking their 7 yards on outs all day long.

When you thrown the ball on a windy day, you will never know what will happen.

Bishop today especially was either on for a 20+ yard throw or off. There was no check downs or short passes to keep the drives going.

Winnipeg played well the second half because their defense played well and Bishop was moving the ball. Remember Lefors? He didn't move the ball at all. Bishop is a better QB than Lefors but that really isn't saying much.

I don't see Bishop being the long term answer in Winnipeg. With what has happened in Winnipeg the last 2 years (slow start and come back in the second half of the season) I think it's time to blow up that team and start fresh.

Brown, Simpson and Bishop are all in their 30s and with them in the lineup, they aren't going to challenge for a Grey Cup next year. They need to get young next year and find their QB of the future. I don't think that their QB is on their roster right now. I think that they will make a push to trade for Tafralis or Jabransky, if the Cats or Eskies will even consider talking to them about these players.