Bishop-Dressler best QB-WR combo?

I was just shocked to see that Bishop/Dressler was voted as best QB-WR combo in the CFL right now, ahead of Burris/Rambo and Calvillo/Cahoon.

So shocked that I had to make a new thread, which I don't expect anyone else to reply. :slight_smile: 8)

Riders fans are the most abundant on the net. They usually blindly vote for the Riders option. Hence they usually win all the polls on,, etc.

I'm a Leos fan and I'm not sure who to choose. It's a toss up between Calvillo/Cahoon and Burris/Rambo.

For my Leos, hard to say for Pierce and Simon as they haven't played much together this season.

ya try winning a playoff game first before you start acting like they are the second coming of rice-montana.

Funny Bishop was not in a rider uniform last year nor was Dressler unless he was hidden on the PR. So your statemnet at best is pretty dumb.

the all time QBWR vote proved that fan voting useless, pointless, and insane.

And it will never change! :lol: :lol:

and dressler is too small, too weak, too slow to be a lights out #1 receiver, this midget is injury prone and wont last 2 seasons.

Dressler is going to be a star. He's got great hands and he fights for the ball. He's embarrassed a few "giants" already. Can't wait to have him on our team for years to come!

so far this year id have to go with Burris to Rambo....after that i'd say Ray to Campbell.....Bishop and Dressler have only played 3 games together....and when Flick and Fantuz and Bowman are back....Dressler won't be thrown to nearly as much as he's being thrown to right now.

Slow? Dressler ran a 10.4 100 metres in university. From the Leader Post. June 4th. Google it.

Best combo. Burris and Lewis. Ray and Cambell.

typical rider fans sticking up for their players, dressler had two games and people wanna put him in the hall of fame, rider nation put away the anointing oil.

typical rider fans sticking up for their players

Who wouldn't stick up for Dressler, he's been great, he's got speed, skill, and great hands. What's not to like?

Even as a Stamp fan this kid is good not sure what games you have been watching at the CNIB.

NIcholson looked good last night as well. The riders do hae some good receivers that are now starting to get better each time out.

Bishop and Dressler sure put a number on us Bomber fans...

I do not see them putting these guys on a pedistal as yet. You have to admit they have game.

Actually I would have voted for Burris/Rambo. Even Jackson/Simon have been together for games than Bishop/Dressler. IMO the combination of Durant/Cates is the Rider combo I would have put in there.

Although I like Dressler a lot and hope he's a Rider for a long time, Burris and Rambo are the top duo right now.