Bishop Done

Oh and by the way "right out of the bag" is a self made expression that represent the perfect apple that comes out of the grocery bag... the apple being the player, see..

docj, Bishop had 10 weeks to learn the play book and learn how to excute the plays. That is 3 training camps long.....sorry he couldn't or wouldn't change his style to win. It looked like he got during the Calgary game be changed back the next game. He didn't cut the mustard.

btw I knew what "right out of the bag" meant.

I was so excited when Bishop got here because I thought they'd be able to turn him into the KJ of '07. But that did not happen. Now I am happy he is gone.

Well, if it is "self-made" I suggest you quote yourself more accurately next time. Though I am now suspecting maybe english is not your mother tongue?
As for applying it here, what part of Bishop has had ten years as a pro athlete to prove himself---not one game, not ten games, but dozens of games(around 100 I believe) and he has sucked in nearly all of them ---aren't you getting? He is not "the perfect apple" he is the "rotten apple that spoils the bunch". That is a far cry from "ditching" someone after one bad game. He's had 100 bad games. when is it appropriate in your judgement to "ditch" him? Darian Durant has an upside. Jyles has an upside. Bishop simply has no upside, and quite possibly a downside (though it is hard to imagine he could get worse)
I'll tell you what. You like him? Get Popp to give us back McPherson, and he is all yours....

ok.. go smoke some more crack. we got him because he was free and accually we have over a dozen "prospects" on our neg list including one of the bext in the NCAA, Chase Daniel, we have brought in numerous rookie QB's to look at this year. trust me there will be no sortage of talent at training camp.

Paul LaPolice is the OC.

We have DD as an option, we have Jyles as an option and we have Bell as an option. All three of them seem like better options then Bishop. Frankly I would rather see Miller strap on the pads rather than see Bishop again.

Why did we bring Bishop in because Miller and Tillman thought he could be coached into a consistent QB that never materialized and I am glad he is gone.

You can't say that you are going to start to develop a 33 yo QB.

Well Bishop is gone... he really should have never came... I still think ET needed to grab some brains when he got him in the first place. We had no receivers not QBs... Crandell was doing well... I never thought we would be 100% with all the injuries... no QB could do any better to what he had to throw to. But with that said... all those receivers we did bring in stepped up their game... Bishop was 4-4 he never stepped up... never got to be the QB that we needed. ET better be careful this post season or he'll be out of a job sooner than later. If you are going to fire a coach... Miller didn't pull Bishop early in the game and that killed us... but then the OC didn't hep either. Take your pick... Not that impressed with Miller as a HEAD COACH...

Your 4th post ever. I hope the 3 others were smarter. I dont like everything ET has done. But man could be out of his job soon you say? Riders just did this. Won 12 games 2 years in a row. For 30 years I have have come to Riders games and they have never done this good. 2 Grey Cup championships in my life. 1 in ETs 1st year. Only 3 winning seasons in 15 years I think. Riders just won 12 games and 12 games. This is why other teams call Rider fans like me and you and all of us crazy.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with pmoose's post, austin. I was not impressed with Miller as a coach in recent games either, and I'm pretty sure anyone with half a brain or more would agree that Miller was entirely outcoached in the WSF last weekend.

How about from now on, since you really are in no position to do it, you quit discussing the intelligence of other posters, okay?

Austin with all due respect I would sooner take a 9-9 season like 2004 where were competitive and within a missed field goal of continueing the WF then I would having another home game that was an embrassment. It was an embrassment that was avoidable and definitely controllable had Miller and Tillman did their jobs properly.

This season and the way the last 10 games of the regular season plus the embrassment almost completely wipes out the good that Tillman did last year. Where he took an average to good team basically in tact and raised the bar. What did he do this year, he took that same team and dropped it down to average bordering on poor if we can't find a starting quarterback..

You just said it. Thank you. You would rather do this. Go 9 and 9 than win 12. Some ugly. Some real ugly. But 12. People can do this now. Read what you wrote. Read what I wrote. See that you hate the new people so much you are not happy with 12 wins. Even though this is true. Last time Riders won 12 games before Austin and Miller was 30 years ago.

Austin it doesn't matter what the riders did 30 years ago it is what they are doing today that counts. You fail to see that this year didn't help the team. Now that Bishop has left the team. Do you honestly think that any of our current compliment of quarterbacks that they can lead the riders to first place or even second place with at least 12 wins next season? If you say yes are you prepared to leave the forum if they don't make it? BTW, that means leaving the forum if, Durant, Jyles, Tate or Bell don't start all the games next season.

You say that I am to critical of Tillman and Miller because of what they have done. Well lets see, they got a us the cup, then they made us a team without a quarterback that can't win.

WOW Really??

Wow. A team that cant win. They WON 12. If Lions lose in to Calgary. Only won 11 not 14 like year before. Did Buono turn Lions into team that could not win? How many games did Toronto win this year Mike? How many teams won 12 in CFL? A team that cant win. Wow.

Austin nice try not to answer the question, please answer it.

Do you have the confidence to say that Durant, Jyles, Tate or Bell will/can all collectively start next season and win at least 12 games?

If we bring in starter from another team or they don't win 12 games are you prepared to leave the forum?

It is funny that you bring up Wally B, yes his team slipped from 14 wins down to 11. The difference being his team is competitive and more important competitive when it counts during the playoffs. So would I rather be with the BC Lions travelling on the road winning, then the home team playing without a legitmate starter having an embrassing game....I think you know the answer to that.

good news like i said before if he did this in the NFL his career would be over, good move on the Riders they tried gave him a good shot but his poor play was so poor that it was embarassing to say he's Pro player, you can't make that many big mistakes in Pro sports and expect a team to keep you, Durant should get the nod for next year, but i believe talks with Joseph or someone else will be happening in the off season,

riderfan23 you said it perfectly I hope everyone can remember the contract we made with ET the man is a genius, I probable said some things over the last few days that will haunt me but he's been doing this for a few years and he is very good. I've been reading alot of whats out there and I would like to think ET just removed Millers weakness he couldn't say no to bishop. if Et is good at one thing it's doing what no one ever expects it wouldnt be the biggest shock to see KJ back in green and white he would be a hell of a lot cheaper then he was last year. Also if you watched toronto the man took one hell of a beating this year and still kept going he can easily have 4 good years with us and retire green and white. dont worry the craftiest GM is about to start his season

Did you leave the forum when you were wrong? Saying Tillman was bad hire. Would not win. Austin was bad hire. Would not win. Saying ET was lying about cap. Would be 300 over. Or more.

Shivers was here for 7 years. Was fired during the season. In his 7th year without Ottawa folding he would have had this. Green and Butler as Riders qbs. And only 1 winning season. But you hate ET after winning 12 and 12. For trying to win with young qbs next year. If Riders go back to 9 and 9 next year. Is that bad? But it was ok for Shivers and Barrett last 3 years.

You two dingbats are ruining a decent thread. For the 860th time.

Some mod should open a Roy Shivers vs. Eric Tillman thread, sticky it, and let you guys have at it in there, no holds barred. But ONLY in there. Any of that bleeds over into another thread, and the offender gets his pee pee slapped. He does it again...WHAPPO....sitting on the sidelines with Kel.

Well I think ET is a smart man! That being said, I would be shocked if he brought back another inconsistant QB in KJ. Just don't think it will happen. Or should i say I hope it doesn't happen!