Bishop Done

Bishop on waivers. Tilman says he wont be back

I think that is a shame this team is not giving the guy a fair shot. Come on, they tried for the 25 yard pass every 2 plays. That does not leave any margin of error to the QB. If anything, the OC should be fired. :thdn:

wooooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooo to bad we didnt think like that after the first quater on saturday but better late than never. now we just need to tell D squared he's the man guess we should dip into the $500000.00 we just got for a home playoff game.

It ain't the team's revenues that is the limiting factor, it's the SMS.

I agree completely, they definately shouldn't fire him. They should just tell him to settle down and just do those long passes when the guy is open.

what 2 out of 4 people not ahppy he's gone? im a little suprised. Thank goodness wooooo hoooo! glad at least someone on the team has some sense (Et) Should they have cut him? depends, in this situation ya. He was given every shot, and its been proven Miller is to loyal to him, We can't risk having him back so Miller can keep him in and ruin another season. It's kinda sad if Miller had made the right call, and pulled him maybe he wouldn't have played so bad and have been given another shot but, he definatly didn't prove his worth and there is no chance he is worthy of helping coach even though he is a vet.

Hey a good QB right off the bag is a rare thing. A lot of people in Mtl would have traded Calvillo a long time ago and that would have been a mistake.

I have to say sorry, how many pooched 5 yard screen passes, the seven yard out to Dressler in th back field. If he couldn't through it hard he threw a seven yard pass 4 yards or my other favorite when he hurled a 10 yard 100 mile a hour fast ball at who I think was Rob Bag not sure remember when Glen Sutor commented " that one sounded high" because no one could see it. If he got a low snap and there were 3 or 4 he never saw a reciver after he looked down for the ball he just panicked. But on saturday there were no pluses just like the game in calgary.

The guy has been a pro for ten years. How much more "off the bat" does he get? After 7-8 years in the CFL he has more int. than TDs, more incompletions than receptions, and shows no sign of getting any better. Calvillo showed more promise in his rookie year than Bishop does after ten years.....
I have never seen a QB with worse stats remain in the game this long.

33 y/o QB. Strongest arm in football period. Unable to read a defence. Unable to take care of the ball. Very inconsistent.

...... not a personal add I would reply to

I am glad he is gone. In reference to Calvillo he was younger when he struggled with the Ti-Cats, he didn't ever really play bad as an Alouette. MB has been in football as a QB for a long long time, at this point in his career there isn't any more expectations on giving him more time to develop, its just not something you do with a 32 y/o QB. I hate to say it like this but you can get stronger, quicker, faster and more agile on the other hand you can't fix stupid.

Ten years as a pro, and now we tell him to throw to the open guy? I see the mistake....
And I believe he has been calling his own plays (not sure why)

to add to that: out of 4 or 5 receivers he has to throw to the long guy? im sure there are several other good options on most plays so give me a break.

Who's OC?

Well if he was so bad why did the Riders hire him ... oh that's right because no one else was availabele, which brings me back to my statement where I said the a good QB right of the bag was hard to find... maybe you guys want Joseph back, or Jason Maas, do you have any prospect ? no NFL team is going to ship you their star QB.

Offensive Coordinator

The riders didn't completely revamp there offense when Bishop came in. Those long passes "making the big play" are all part of a package. Usually when a quarterback gets the plays called in, he has the primary play and the ability to option. Miller has hinted that Bishop's ability to select the right option at times was a very big problem. In fact during the one game they didn't allow him the option of throwing long.

This was not the OC's problem it was Bishop's inability to execute just as it was Crandell's inability to execute that caused the problem.

The oc is Paul LaPolice who was the recievers coach last year. He got ran out of Winnipeg because he was a horrible o.c. there. Some of the play caliing especially the last two weeks were terrible. The run on second and 10 in the playoff game, and the throw to the endzone in the Toronto game when they were already in position to kick the field goal and win which almost got intercepted mind. Mind blowing calls.

My grandmother is available......
I believe we have at least two QBs right now that are better than Bishop and frankly, 30 or 40 will graduate from university this year that will all be better prospects. And KJ is 10 times the qB that Bishop ever thought about being, so yeah, bring him back.
And the phrase is "off the bat" not "of the bag" I thought it was a typo the first time.....
And why we picked Bishop up in the first place is a question for the ages.....

Arius, I think he was trying to say "right out of the bag". I agree with you in terms of the potential both Durant and Jyles have demonstrated more potential then Bishop has right now. I am not sold that Jyles will ever make a starter in the CFL. I think Durant is the smarter player of the two and has the most potential to lead the riders.

Like you I would not be disappointed to KJ back, however, Tillman would never do that as it would mean he would have to admit he was wrong.

If you ditch any of these graduates, even your grandmother, at their first bad performance you'll never know what they are capable of. There is a saying in french: "tourner le fer dans la plaie" which would translate word for word into: "twist the sword in the wound" and that is not what I am trying to do here, god knows we have been there often enough with my Als... All I am saying is that sometime you need to let some players mature in a team system before you evaluate them, maybe Bishop is not the right QB for this team but remember that a top notch starting QB is a hard person to find.