Bishop = Dancing Frog of Warner Bros.

Anyone know that cartoon where the guy finds the box with the frog inside it and it starts to sing and dance? and you see $$$ signs over his head as he thinks he's got it made... only to find when ever he shows it to someone, he just sits there and does absolutely nothing!

Well, Bishop is the Dancing Frog in the box for the CFL! :lol:

he looks great and throws awesome passes.. yet once you get him into the game, he completely crashes!


yea, hes garbage.
a huge disappointment everytime i watch him play.

Come on, guys, you're gonna upset argotom. :lol:

Hello my baby, hello my darling, hello my ragtime gal ....


He is horrible. I met him a bunch of times where I used to work when he was here last year. Every time I always got the impression that he genuinely isnt very smart.

It was funny that they had to hold up white boards with the plays. I half expected them to start drawing pictures (or stickmen) of a qb throwing the ball on one, and handing the ball off on another, with the qb labeled as "YOU" :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

LOL! For Michael Bishop i'd imagine they'd have to :slight_smile:
Look's like he could use a hooked on phonics book to be honest, he doesn't look very bright and some of the decision's he make's doesn't help that theory of mine.

Hold on Folks- attack the play of the person not the quality of the man. Besides I am glad he plays for Winnipeg!!!
Go Michael Go!! As for memories of the Warner Bros 'Frog' cartoon-- A CLASSIC. They really were made for adults not kids. Someone told me there was a tour with a symphony orchestra that played classical music live to the full screen broadcasts of Bugs Bunny / Roadrunner CArtoons at concert halls in Vancouver and other cities a few years back. Apparently it was a huge success! Warner Bros. cartoons - ah when times were better!! :rockin: :cowboy: :smiley:
by the way:
Riders in 1st Place
Riders Rule
Rider Pride Nation Wide!!

I loved how throughout the entire broadcast, Suitor and Cuthbert kept saying that Bishop is a gunslinger, and if he played poker, he'd bluff every time, and you have to be willing to accept that if you want him as your starter, and Mike Kelly is willing to accept that...

Uh... isn't that gambling mentality part of his whole problem? :expressionless:

now thats "F"in funny LMAO!!!!

I think that is the first time I have ever seen that in the number of years I have spent watching CFL, NFL, and NCAA. All joking aside, didn't they do that to avoid communication problems from the loud crowd noise?

They would have done that, but they needed a third white board to show where the overthrow ended up....

A football just randomly landed in my backyard, could it be..... nah 8)

Those shows, particularly the Warner Bros stuff, were made for adults .. Much of the humor is based off of post world war era politics and sentiment.

Yeah most of the Warner Bros 'shorts' were meant for adults. Our generation remembers them as Saturday morning cartoons, but they were made to be shown before feature films in the late 40's, 50's and 60's. Quite a few of them would be considered not very politically correct today like this one 'Der Fuherers Face'.

I am going to thief an image someone posted elsewhere...

That was hilarious, Dust. :lol:

Now this is funny,

[url=] ... hp?t=24219[/url]

Sorry dust you beat me to it.

But that deserves a second look. :lol:

:) I got it from the same place as that poster though, I thieved it from Riderfans

Totally off topic at this point, but in sticking with your comment about "not very politically correct" - Not that this is a p.c. thing, but I was looking at children's books with my 7 year old this weekend and happened across a Curious George story where the Man in the Yellow Hat has to go to the hospital - George is of course "curious" and decides to sniff some ether and gets a heavy buzz !! I can't see that one topping the charts of books to read to kids anymore !!