Bishop Back In Tor.

QB Michael Bishop has rejoined Argonauts.

Sounds desperate.

Who's next Jimmy Kemp?, Reggie Slack?

Kerwin Bell

Can't wait to see the Argos next year, when a salary cap is actually enforced. (And you thought they stunk in 2006!)

They'll find a way to pay guys under the table.

joe theisman !?

WOO I loved watching Bishop play! He’s good, not the time we needed him but GOOD BYE SPERG! Today is a good day!

Buh-wah? He's not good, he's the Ricky Foggie of the 21st century.

Crough apparently has shoulder injury.

But if it'll make you feel better, it's made certain Argo fans dowenright apopletic at the news.

At least he’s familiar with Kent Austin’s offence.

Oops …

I haven't heard about Crouch being injured but if he is, that could explain why Bishop was brought back. But I also have to wonder why this was not done while Allen was out with that injury. Maybe after seeing the pressure Winnipeg quarterbacks were under last week, the blue team could be anticipating the possibility of more quarterback injuries.


Pinball quite rightly sees this as being a crucial game towards limping into the playoffs...

With the Cats on the rise, its tough to conceive where there's a joint in losing to them and hoping the Bombers take a serious dive...

TO's biggest issues seem to come from the QB position (seing they have canned their OC and summoned Adam Rita to do the best he can, with the same cast of players), and, as press reports state that Damon cannot grip the ball well enough to throw it, Avery is a nickle short of a dollar (otherwise why not playing? Or contending with RW?), and the team dissatisfied with the receiver corps, its necessary to bring in Bishop, as either a back up or a starter, as Crouch cannot seem to get it done.

And that must be what its like to be on, or cheering for, a team with zero money worries, and no issues whatever with salary caps, presenting themselves as some sort of shining light in the League, and "Community Leaders", "Model Citizens", etc...

I guess they don't have too far to go to wonder why others "hate" them...

Crouch is injured .....from TSN .

Prefontaine (seriously) has been taking snaps in practice.