Bishop at practice

Has anybody had the opportunity to see how Bishop looked at rider practice since he arrived? I believe they were given the day off today.

Aug 25th, practice. From what i understand Bishop showed nice leadership on 1st team for the majority of practice, made nice mid-route throws, showed off his wheels and made some new friends,Durrant being one of them...........

Like he said from what I heard from people there yesterday he seemed to fit in well and was well accepted, made some nice plays...had shown an understanding for our play book. Roles were sorted out with Durrant and everything is closer to normal if not a little more upbeat. Today was a day off.

Makes me happier to hear that. Wont be fully satisfied until DD is starting tho.

I think the Bishop trade says this.

Either the Riders think Bishop is a lot better than the Argos do. Or Jyles or Tate or both are not as good as ET thought. Tate is coming back soon. So the Riders must think they could not win with Tate or Jyles if Durant got hurt again.

Didnt Coach Austin say he thought Tate could be very good? Maybe he will be. Maybe Miller does not like Jyles. I dont know. But Miller needs to handle this right. Bishop and Durant. Maybe it doesnt matter who 3rd qb is.

My only concern is that it was looking like we had a 25 year old stud of a QB and now we have brought in a 32 year old QB who seems to sulk if he is not starting.

Now, maybe that was all media, I don't know. But I would hate to lose Durant if he is as good as he looked based on how horrible a job we have done for the past 20 years in developing our own QB's.

I will hold out on judging this trade until I see how the chemistry fits and how the young guys are affected but I will say I am concerned right now.

Watched an interview with Stubler on TSN last night he didn't praise Bishop at all for their record last year. He said we went 11-1 with Bishop but our offence was last in the league and our defence was at the top. I realize Stubler isn't going to say that Bishop is God but he pretty much said he was useless.

He conveniently left out that the real reason they went 11-1 is because he wasn't the head coach :wink:

Stubler is about as media un-savvy as they come, I'm impressed he kept a straight face when he told TSN at half time that the crowd at skydome was louder than the crowd at Taylor Field.

Does any1 have a link to the Stubler interview? I would like to see it.

It was on if you go to the CFL heading and the videos on the side.

Are all the QB's throwing in practice? Who has been taking most of the catches? Who looks good at practice? When you don't live in Regina it is hard to get there and watch the practices. Is the team looking ready for Sunday? Hot much hype about the game on the streets--more negitives then positives this week. Hell even the forums very quite.

Rider Rumblings

[url=] ... fault.aspx[/url]

Vanstone took an olympic break and Davis is away tending to 'personal issues'. But Murray is doing his best.

TSN's Hashmarks are pretty good as well.

BC's 5th Quarter blog has links to the rest of the blogs on

[url=] ... fault.aspx[/url]

Canoe/Slam provide us with some more news:

If you're interested in the dirt from around the league. I'm still looking for a good Argo blog.

I was introduced to a couple of weeks ago. It's participation in terms of numbers is amazing (puts this forum to shame, sad to say). There are always several members there who go to practice and report back immediately and the postings come in pretty fast and furious after that - so many more participants. Can't get it much more "real time" than there.

Thanks Beagle. Just came back from the site. It's very good.

That's because you hit it in a good year...bad years that place is friggin' terrible...I've been a member there for three years or so...I read , but have never posted, mostly because I am far too realistic in my views regarding the team, and know I'd get flamed immediately because I don't think the sun shines out the team's nether-regions...most people there are relatively knowledgeable, but at times you really need to have a discerning eye when it comes to some of the information there...

Could be. I haven't really been at it too much, being only two weeks and all. I just noticed that the reports on practices were quite detailed and it happened to be the issue that redstallion was asking about. I'll be checking it out more to see if my assessment matches yours. Have to see if it is any worse than the small but very disrepectful and vocal minority who are the extreme opposite in another forum I know ...

Anyways, back on topic. I really appreciate anyone who posts about practices because I am not in Regina to go myself - never been, but would like to do so just to understand what is done for on-field preparation between games (not that I can see how anyone can find the time to do that regularly!!).

Yep, their detailed practice reports are awesome - no other word for it...

The other forum you are talking about?? I have been trying to register there but they never activate me? I have tried with several email adresses and several different IPs? I can get the initial email saying I have registered, but then it says I will get another email once I am activated. This has been going on for one week, its like they think I am someone they have banned in the past? Or are they just not taking new members? is the guy away in charge?

Funny thing is, if I log in I can only read a obscure thread about summer time football league. When I log out I can then read the whole forum.

I am getting the idea they do not want me there :slight_smile: They must have it in their head that I am a banned poster trying to re register, when the fact is I have never ever posted there.

Or maybe the guy in charge is out of town? I have tried to email them but not sure it reaches them because my registration is not fully activated.

IT is a great forum for reading practice reports.

Apparently Bishop is beasting it up in practice. Apparently he's been hitting recievers on long bombs. Hopfully that translates on the playing feild sunday.

I'm having exactly the same experience, not that I care since I only registered out of habit and don't care if I post or not. I'd say don't take it personally. It is run by two university students or something so it seems they do pretty good given it's very "unofficial" nature. I sent an e-mail the other day to the webmaster. I'll let you know if I get anywhere. It's probably just an "on vacation" thing.