BISHOP and Composure-

boy am i ever hating the bombers got rid of Glenn right about now

Bishop isnt a very good QB, he wasnt very good in TO, he wasnt very good in SASK, and hes just shown giving up four turnovers and numerous 2 and outs against BC, that he isnt very good here...

hes obviously good enough that hes a pro QB, but he hasnt been able to take his game to the next level.

Why? Didn't you get tired of his 'almost but not quite' performances?

thats not how i see it at all...

i see it as someone who threw for 5000 yards and was a runner up for mop one year, had an off year the next and a bunch of fans who grew tired of watching a QB develope and ran him out of town after he had an off year...

now he's thirty and just hitting his stride it seems

with a 3 to 1 TD to int ratio, more TDs then bishop with half the playing time.... and someone who has proven he can consistently move the football... also has the third best eff rating out anyone with over a hundred passes, and is less then one percentile away from ray(97) with 96.1

and apparently lost a bunch of weight or something, cuz hes a lot more mobile this season...

LOL...some interesting stats, I guess....but when was his last win?

He just put the 5th best QB performance in the HISTORY of the Ticats against one of the best defense in modern history. Give the guy a little credit.

I am...honestly...I'm happy for Kevin Glenn...but he still lost...

Okay this Topic Is Ridiculous, PaulPierson or whatever your name is grow up man!! seriously dude, Bishop should have been pulled after his second INT for at least a few plays. This loss is totally not Bishops fault, but mainly YES IT WAS!!

We can say the Bombers should've capatalized on many missed opportunities and turnover's, YES THAT IS TRUE!! BUT WE CANNOT TURN AROUND AND SIMPLY THROW BC THE BALL RIGHT BACK EITHER AS BISHOP CLEARLY DID ON 3 INTS AND A FUMBLE!! Bomber Fans have all the right in the world to Pin this Loss mainly On Bishop, if he did NOT turn the ball over FOUR times, the Lions would NOT Have Produced the winning TD (Which was after a Bishop INT). Simple fact, simple football knowledge, you can sit there and defend Bishop, but it won't get you anywhere as you are clearly as Blind as Bishop was This Sunday!!

Can Bishop rebound and play the last 3 games like he did during the win streak, YES!! Will he is the question? Bishop is Bishop and you never know what your going to get, bottom line!!

Glenn wouldn't have been near 500 yards if the Tiger-Cats weren't losing all game long. He did play a heck of a game, though. Still, in Winnipeg, I don't think he'd have been in that position. The change of scenery helped him out.

I agree. And we are playing a pretty different offense now than we did with LeFors at QB. It took Bishop a while to come around in our offense too; a longer time than LeFors got. I want to see LeFors get a chance next year (and that's the one thing I disagree with you on, I don't think it cost him his career, I think he will get a shot next year), because I think if we were running a semi-reasonable offense he would have been a LOT better. many yds. do you think Glenn would've got on Sunday had they been playing the play-off hungry leos...i'll lay money it wouldn't have been near 500 yds. :wink:

Your not disagreeing :smiley: I certainly hope it didn't cost him his career, I am just saying it "likely has". I totally agree with what you are saying - he is worth another serious look! Up until that injury in Hamilton, he was really good at protecting the ball and playing the position of a "safe" QB. Right now we live and die by our current QB's decisions. Sometimes exicting - often very painful!

Would he have won that game ? Is the question you should ask. I believe yes. He is in the top 3 or 4 QB this year as he has been most of his carreer except for last year, where he was still really good down the stretch. So if Kelly had given Glenn an opportunity while developing his boy Lefors and looking at the problems the Leo's and the Argo's have had at the QB position and Edmonton's problems are the Bombers in trouble making the post season ?

Absolutely not. They would be all alone in second in the East right now. My opinion anyway and Lefors carreer may not be over.

The Bombers would have been a 500 team at least with Glenn at the helm all year. And the Ticats would have been too.

Glenn is experienced and hungry. He put on a clinic in Montreal. If the Cats make the playoffs, Glenn's play will make them a strong darkhorse pick for the Cup.

Same argument could be made for Bishop! Had he been in camp right from the start, clearly Bombers would be ahead of 500.

So Bishop went back to the Bishop of old. I am wondering if it is possible for a 32-33 year old QB to be still maturing?Are we expecting to much of a player at his point in his football life to suddenly be something he has not been?


With Bish, what you see is what you get. A QB with an amazing arm, questionable aim, and little or no understanding about where or when to throw the ball.

......'Corral the stallion' Kellys latest mantra for the Bish....IF we don't.. it could be 'out to pasture' with the stallion''
Bishop is far better than he showed last game against the leos...GoBigBlue.. :thup: :rockin:

What I really noticed in that last game was how long it takes Bishop to get set up to throw the football. If you rush him, that's when his throws are really off the mark. Bishop just can't handle the rush. Kelly should talk to his OC about calling more plays designed to handle a blitz.