BISHOP and Composure-

Bishop is a complete head case, when he gets rattled or throws an early INT, its all over for PEG--

This guy might just be the worst QB for getting rattled- He gets rattled very easily-

Bc has his number

.....what causes Michael Bishop to self-destruct......only his coachs no for sure.....he does make things difficult for himself..and his team-mates..... :roll: :roll: :roll:

Mr. Choke comes through again, taking no security of the ball and not valuing it all. The late INT the POP fly he threw was terrible and every other throw was just wild and out of control---

This guy is nothing but a short term solution and will never WIN a playoff game, he is a career choker-

that would be 'know' for sure.....damn Gibsons.. :lol:

Bishop keeps pushing it, instead of taking whats given. Lulay, a rookie , showed how to do it.

JUST IN.....Bishop released. He has had 4 bad games in a row! This 4th loss in a row was simply the last straw according to Bomber management. 4 consecutive losses in a row is just too much to accept, Bishop was put on a bus and told to never return. :roll: HEAVY SARCASM

What a bunch of losers!!!! It`s hard to win 4 freakin games in a row. You guys are lucky to have Bishop...Go crawl under a rock you freakin arswipes

Three weeks from now, this post is probably bang-on. No team will ever win anything with Bishop at QB. There’s a reason the man has never had to make a mortgage payment.

ya artie wasn't he living in his moms garage down in texas before the bombers regained his hopes after the riders punted him after he blew our playoff game
he always seems to want to take more than whats given
I won't disagree that when hes on hes on and he does have a cannon but when its crunch time and hes abit rattled his cannon is not quite scoped in he seems to hit the wrong target

He's 6-5 as a starter for Winnipeg. If you want to blame someone for the season going down the tube. Blame Kelly and Lefors for digging the grave.

For crying out loud!! What does a guy have to do to get banned around here?

To the guy that said the entire team played well except Bishop? Say what you like about Bishop, he was not on the field when Lulu ran up and down the field. What about the missed field goal. What about the 2 and out with consecutive hand offs for zip? What about 3rd and 1 and not going for it? What about the missed/dropped passes?

Well paulpearson I don't recall anyone saying it was all Bishop's fault. . . certainly from where I'm sitting it was not all his fault. In his previous three games he played as well as I've ever seen him play. BUT. . .

That said, look at the numbers for two raw QBs seeing their first significant game action this weekend:

Adrian McPherson, Montreal, 10 for 11 (91%) with 2 TDs and no interceptions;
Travis Lulay, BC, 13 for 24 (54%), 1 TD and 2 interceptions.

Compare that to your hero; 13 for 32 (41%), 1 TD and 3 interceptions.

So no, he isn't completely to blame for Winnipeg losing. . . but you would have to admit that he was part of it.

On the other hand, no, you probably won't admit to that. . . surprise me.

And while I'm at it. . . would you perhaps consider losing the Sarah Palin picture? Her 15 minutes of fame should be up by now. . .

...Bishop is Bishop........nothing more nothing less.....He'll get you down the field with big plays....then revert to his 'other self' and throw it away...I don't understand the guys psyche....He's just not a smart qb. ....Lulay made him look foolish.... :oops: This game against the leos was over before half-time with a smarter qb. at the pivot spot for the Bombers...How many times did the d give it the offence only to have them squander it away...Yes, i did say they(offence) there were other offenders HOWEVER...that was a poorly thrown to a wide open Amey (sure six if the bloody ball would have been within six feet of him) AND Bowman on the goal-line...all Bishop had to do was feather it to him one around...what's he do...throws a wobbly bomb...I dunno how far this team is going to go with Bishop at the helm....perhaps won't even make the playoffs..and if we'll be over quick...I say we start looking at the rooks on our roster for next we can start charting a proper course... :wink:

I wouldn't say Bishop lost the game, but he sure didn't win it either, and he had several opportunities to get it done, his receivers also dropped a couple that would have helped.

If anything this game exposed a few weaknesses for the Bombers, now if the coaches can correct those they will be fine. looked soooo promising on the first drive and then....blah...

Bishop missed wide open recievers all day long. It's on him. The only points, BC got, were off Bishop turnovers. It's 14 0 we are dominating and Bishop throws a pic and BC instantly back in the game. The go ahead TD was off a turn over. Our D was tired and worn out by the 4th Quarter. We also need a punter, Serna can't do both. He missed two makeable FG'S yesterday.
The good news is, we still have our destiny in our own hands. Bishop needs to lay off the stupid pills and we will make the playoffs.

Bishop is the best guy Winnipeg has, so they ride him until their season ends, whenever that may be. But, he's not the answer to any question, long-term. He's exactly the same QB he was when he was at 22. But at 22, he's a raw talent, with amazing physical tools. At 26, he's not as far along as expected, but he's got too much upside to to give up on. At 29, given his physical abilities, he's worth one last reclamation attempt. At 32 or whatever he is now, the writing is on the wall. He just never got better at the mental part of the game. And he never will.

Still their only option and if he gets hot, he’s as good as anybody.

True, that potential is what keeps him employed. But no matter how good he looks, he'll always break your heart. And, "potential" is not a word you should ever use to describe a QB his age.

I fully agree with your post Kasps.

To me the offence has 3 jobs:
1: Move the Ball
2: Get Points
3: Protect the ball

1 of 3 is not enough! As for #3, I do believe Bishop is responsible for 3 of 4 turnovers (I did hear that one interception was a receiver running the wrong route so I'll take that off Bishops shoulders). But 2 ints and a fumble were directly his inability to protect the ball. On one of those ints - the D wasn't even givin a chance to help out!

Not according to my calculator :smiley:
He's actually 5-6 as a starter in Winnipeg. Lefors gets credit for a great win over Calgary in game #2 of the season.

Let's not put too much blame on LeFors. He only played 4 games in total, and was seriously injured in game 3 against Hamilton. He was 1-1 and leading when that injury took place.

I think the biggest blame should lay on the Bombers (HC down to the medical staff) for not detecting the injury and dealing with it appropriately. His next 6 quarters of football likely cost him his career when he should have been resting on the sidelines!

(I'm not saying he was the QB answer in Winnipeg - I'm just saying he never really got a chance due to the injury that was mishandled :wink: )

I will agree with that one, just not overly optimistic!