Bishop, Als defence talk about the predictable Kelley O

lol Bishop will not be Kelleys guy for much longer after this


So true.

Oski Wee Wee,


You really stink when Mike Bishop can break down your ability to design an offense. This could be a first.

No doubt he was ticked at being pulled when the game was still close and he wasnt playing all that poorly. Kelly basically quit on the game and his team when he gave away the entire third quarter as he threw Bramlet to the wolves.

That was a real head-scratcher, wasn’t it?

Give the kid a few series at the end of the first half, fine.

But give him all the third quarter, when the game was still within reach? On like 2 or 3 days’ worth of practice? Against one of the top defences in the league? On the road??


As bad as we had it the past few years it was never as bad as it is in Winnipeg. The longer Kelley stays in their coach's office the more damage he'll do and longer the recovery period for the franchise.

No kidding. And this from Kelly the 'offensive genius.'

No offense intended, I don’t think you have been paying too much attention to just how bad Winnipeg is this year. Being a Bomber fan I have watched every game and I can tell you that with the exception of the Toronto game we won in TO and the first game in Edmonton Bomber games are usually over after the first quarter. This team has far less than zero ability to come from behind.

As for Bramlet, I had no issues with him playing the end of the second quarter and the first five minutes of the third but Kelly should have put Bishop back in. In the end though it really doesn’t matter because this is the worst offense I have ever seen in the 33 years I have watched the CFL.

I don’t think I have ever hated a coach as much as I hate Kelly. It tears me apart because I am a season ticket holder and I go to cheer on the players, I want them to succeed, but I just cannot stand Kelly and the environment he has created.

The ONLY bright spot this year is that I LOVE to see Hamilton competitive again. Despite the rivalry between our teams over the years Hamilton is still my second favorite team. It makes me very pleased to see you fans of the Cats finally get rewarded with a good team.


Thanks, means alot lol. As much as we are rivals, I did in fact like the Bombers as my 2nd favourite team until Mike Kelly took over with his reign of supreme idiocy. Riders will have to be my second favourite team until the Bombers are no longer a tool box (Reid, Kelly, etc.)