BISH gets CFL honours Offensive player of the week

Right on BISH :thup:

Some of you might notice I posted this yesterday and the awards just came out 1 hour ago...YES I know the future, heck it was pretty obvious. We knew Joseph was not in the running

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Wrong forum, Bishop plays for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. True, he did play for the Argos a while ago, but mostly stunk including a terrible 07 East final. So hard to sit though a game that ment so much to us and see someone play so bad.

Anyways, I'm sure the Rider forum would love to discuss one of their qb's with you. Have a great day!

ar$ wipe :slight_smile: have a great day

Personally, I think that player of the week award was a total joke. Bishop didn't do all that much until the fourth quarter, when he just started heaving bombs down the field and praying his receivers could climb the ladder and catch them, which they did. Those receivers deserve the award, not Bishop.

Great job for bis,and not only did he lob them up the were right on target.finals last year not all his fault as it is a team game.And lastly,where the f*uck did the riders find those receivers.WOW