Binbrooks Sandy Beveridge presents scholarships in Glanbrook


[i]"Special guest Sandy Beveridge, Safety for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and Binbrook resident, was on hand to present the scholarships, valued at $500 each.

“Obviously, education is vitally important to getting into the work force,? said Beveridge. “Getting financial support to help with your education is huge; it makes a big difference.?"[/i]

And while you're reading the Grand River Sachem, if you can make it, Hamilton resident and huge Hamilton Tiger-Cats fan, Tom Wilson is headlining at Caledonia's Barrelhouse Club on Jan.23 with his newest band, Lee Harvey Osmond.

read all about it here in the following link:

Sandy, if you're reading this, us Glanbrook residents need to do some work in raising our profile on the world stage obviously...hahaha :lol:

Congrats on the work you do mate!...... You're a good Hamilton Tiger-Cat and do the city proud ! (Glanbrook too) :thup: :rockin: