....I see that Oakland has waived him....He sure would look good in the rebuild...IF he exhausts his nfl options without success...Mr. Walters better get him on the dotted line...AFTER the dispersal...Here's hoping... :rockin:

It would definitely be beneficial to keep in close contact with him. Since he has been a roster player all for 13 games last season and 6 for this season I think that leaves him with no PR eligibility in the NFL. Could still find work in the NFL this season and at just 23 and a 2012 draft pick getting into a NFL training camp next season is likely. However if he should get released before the 2014 season a quick move to the CFL in september would give the BBs a Canadian DT which is extremely valuable for a Dline rotation.

Finally, some possible good news, a NI NT would be a nice addition as would Andrew Harris at RB if he goes to free agency.

Harris certainly not happy with his situation in BC and coming home to play is always something that Canadian players like to do after the initial rookie contract.
Having a quality Canadian RB among either your starter or a quality 2nd option.
Woodson has already been dealt and Volney has yet to make any kind of contribution so his time is about up in Winnipeg

Ken Wiebe @WiebeSunSports

#Bombers draft pick Christo Bilukidi (DL) has signed with Cincinnati Bengals of the #NFL

Guess we'll have to keep waiting. I still think we should see if we can get some more immediate help in exchange for his rights. Might be a little tougher to do now with teams more likely to hold onto some players with the expansion draft.