billyjimbo polls

...answer now for crying out loud...

...I chose 'muppets', mostly because that was the most relevant answer...

What planet are we on again???

I chose option 3 for making me laugh hysterically! :lol:

ditto for me!

bought a touque at a Vikings game, black w/ logo…
cost 20 bucks,so DON’T TOUCH MY HAT!

I do not like your hat.

Do you like green eggs and ham?

I do not like green eggs and Ham

but I like a little bit green riders and Ham

I do not like that Sam I am

Would you eat them with a fox?

of course I would sup with a fox.

Now an ugly chick, that might be different

Well, it wouldn't be as much of a race issue as it would be a species issue...

tried to change my post before someone responded to it.

God damn the idiot responsible for making repost time error on edit. Who ever did that should be fired.

I hope your happy I just fired RedandWhite :frowning: