I understand that the season has not started yet but there has been little action by the Rider team thus far and relying on a handful of good if not great players is not building a team. We should have been the first one's in line to pick up another receiver...QB's are short in this league this year so I was doubtful we would pick up anyone. We need to see more time out there for Butler, he can be good if he gets play time but you can't get good by standing on the sideline.
Given the depth of other teams such as Hamilton, Calgary and BC, who, by the way, have worked in the off season to gain quality players, we are basically going into the season with the same team as last year.
I agree, Thurmon was not an outstanding player but he did make a small impact when it was needed. Calgary has benefited from B&S lack of judgement and I see no better season than 9-9, maybe 10-8 at best but the post season will kill us again if the attitude does not change in the locker room. For that to happen we need leaders like Corey, Scott and Nate AND a good QB who can actually throw. As I said, I am a fan but also a realist and this season will be little different from 05.

yeah, i was hoping u guys would keep thurmon and get Kerry Joseph in the draft actually. then ud have Dominguez and thurmon with an alright QB. ur rushing yardage would be of the chart to ha ha. with holms keith, Joseph and Szarka. lol ud have more rushing yards then some teams passing yards. plus u have a great oline, and defence. so if u could have locked up those two ud have been looking pretty good. would have made a very very competetive west, already is competitive with the revamped bombers, and the rest of the division. nevermind if u guys locked up those two players.

Its not that I don't agree with you toughy. I am definetly concerned about this season, but when it comes to the riders I guess I am an optimist. I agree that we need a QB and a Reciever. But from where?? We have signed two recievers, and hopefully they can contribute. Crandell showed some promise in a few games last year. He didn't really get help from his recievers, with Bailey showing absolutely no heart, and Thurman and French dropping every 4th ball. If the recievers had half of the drops they had, then Crandall's #'s would have been much higher, and I think we would have done much better. Dominguez is back, he is reportedly healthy, and since this is his first major injury I think we can expect him to stay healthy. This Breeden is a big target, and from the scouting reports aparently likes to go in the middle to catch balls. Something Thurman and French and Grant refuse to do for the most part.

I guess I choose to dwell on the positives.

The receivers cant catch the ball if they dont have a quality arm to throw them football QUICKLY AND ACCURATELY down the field

Thats beside the point. The fact was is they did drop the balls that were in their hands. If the ball was there obviously it was thrown accurately enough. I am of an opinion if the ball touches your hands you should come down with ball. especially if you aren't hit after. They are pros, they should be able to catch everything thrown to them.

I agree Billy, there should be little exception when it comes to receiving provided the ball is delivered. Our receivers have an extra few yards to play with as the coverage tends to respect the receivers more than in the NFL where the coverage is inches.....dropping the ball in our league should mean more bench time....

The other factor is we have a new offensive coordinator. Now if he can be more creative and open up the offence more (ie. more than the usual 4 plays) I think our offence can be quite effective, especially with Matt back. I realize we don’t have the best qb in Crandell but he does have an alright supporting cast in Dominguez, Holmes, and one of the best O-lines in the CFL. They just have to utilize their strengths better.

As far as defence goes, the d was pretty good last year except they have to put more pressure on the qb in 2nd and long situations imo, so the opposing can’t sit back and pick us apart.

Only one thing to do in the dispersal draft------ PICK KERRY JOSEPH!!!!!!!