Billy Soup

Hey Billy Soup, if yer still around I wanted to thank you for not rippin me hard in here about Danny. Don’t know why but I was positive that he finished his playing career in Regina. I was living in Calgary when he broke into the league and I always thought he would have made a better coach than player, but also thought he got a lot better as he matured instead of levelling off as some players do.

Anyway, I appreciate your enthusiasm for your team and three weeks ago you might have even been able to persuade me that the Riders would split the season series with the Esks, but the with the changes and additions we have made recently I have to believe that we will be every bit as competitive as ever.

One more thing before you start typing yer reply, as much as I dislike our “group participation” coaching staff, I am not sold at all on Nealon Greene and in fact would predict that he doesn’t finish the season as the starter and injuries won’t be the determining factor.