Billy Greene making the move from QB to FB

Former Hec Crighton trophy winner Billy Green attended last year E-Camp as a QB but was neither drafted or signed as a rookie free agent with team projecting him as a FB.
This season Greene will be attending the West Regional camp as a FB this time and I suspect he will be a good one being in the Mold of a Patrick Laovi who has taken advantage of the evolving FB position as it is now a FB/TE position. With Greenes athleticism along with his strength as a runner he should fit very nicely into the FB/TE positon as soon as his blocking techniques are sharpened.

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I thought he was looking at becoming a CIS coach or assistant?

That would be the Regina Rams Mark Mueller who is going that route alot to do with a lot of late injuries in his Rams career. Greene is just to good a football player and strong runner and should make that transition

Wasn't Billy Greene a QB with the UBC Thunderbirds? Or am I just sleep deprived and completely deranged?

From yesterday's results/stats of Regional Combine in Edmonton, Billy Greene was not included; yes, he was supposed to attend but,unless he changed his name, he was not there.


Yes I noticed that from the official list. I wonder that since he already attended during his draft eligible season that he may have attended on an unoficial basis therefore his name not appearing but still attending to work out as it was a big front page report on the website. But who knows. He was labled as a FB after last E Camp and I beleive he may have had an invite from the ESKS but did not accept as it was not as a QB

This reminds me of Bertrand the QB who starred for Laval then, played great at blocking back for the ESKS.

Yes, Greene was with the Thunderbirds; at the Quarterback position.

I agree Greene has may also be able to transform into the new FB/TE hybrid spot that Rob Cote has been quietly doing and Patrick Lavoi as taken to a whole new level as a offensive threat out of the TE spot. Cortez began to use Daryl Stephanson in this position late in the season as he moved to the #1 fullback spot allowing the Cats to deal Darcy Brown. Austin may be using more and more of a Stephanson as a skill positon player being able to both block as well as being a weapon from the TE spot on Offense. Football teams at all levels often copy successful new ideas from other teams and the Lavoi Style TE offensive weapon and not just an extra blocker and specila teams may open a nice door for greene and finally allow stephanson to use some of those Hec Crighton skills.
By the way I am a big fan of way Montreal did with Lavoi and would love to see stephanson get his due and greene also