This should be a fair litmus test of NFL interest in Toronto. They even have widescreen desktop wallpaper. Someone's listening.

who cares what NFL interest they have in Toronto

I am so sick of Toronto.

How the hell do we go about kicking toronto out of Canada???

it would have to be a vatican city type thing. an independent state inside a country. we could do without all their debt to.

Oh come on guys, Toronto is like Quebec, we love to beatch about both but Canada would be less of a country without either. And then we couldn't beatch about them as close to the heart as now if they aren't part of Canada. :wink:

Agreed Earl, but I thought Toronto already was an independent state inside a country!

I thought they already had that status in place! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

The funny thing is, and I live in Hamilton, is that despite all of this information techology bringing the world together and making the world smaller in essence, a global village, why do I feel just a alien when I visit Toronto now as I did decades ago before the "information revolution"? There's a lot more to it then just access to information I think.

Well Earl, what will surprise me is why Toronto fans would pay $250.00 to see a game in Skydome rather than drive (1 hour? 2 hours?) to Buffalo and pay a fraction of that price.

I'll tell you what if that will be the ticket prices should Buffalo permantly move to Toronto, and they actually fill the building at that price, the average fan couldn't afford to own season tickets.

It would prove my theory that the people of Toronto are really out of touch with reality.

what will surprise me is why Toronto fans would pay $250.00 to see a game in Skydome rather than drive (1 hour? 2 hours?) to Buffalo and pay a fraction of that price.
But the NFL fans aren't limited to the city of Toronto. One pro will be public transit. Many will take the [url=]Go train[/url] or TTC to Union. It will be the environmentally friendly thing to do.

If the one game is played in December and the Bills are contending then it'll be worth the face value and comfort of the dome. It's a hot ticket and even hotter if the scheduled game features a regional matchup (Browns, Steelers etc.)

It's times like this when we may forget that we live in a part of the world where people will shell out big bucks to dress up nice, have some champagne and do the countdown for one night of the year. To each his/her own taste.

And I'm sick of your unpatriotic attitudes.
You know what? Never mind...
Hey, we'll gladly keep our tax provincial and federal contributions to ourselves. We'll send you a bill for our portion of your transfer payments, infrastructure and development projects.. good luck to you.

um ok - go read up on the provincial downloading and how it's affected every city in this province then get back to me. Better yet go look up how much Toronto contributes to Provincial and Ferderal coffers.... our debt - sheeesh

and how will you do with next to no resources??

If you are an NFL loving torontonian, good riddance to garbage

If you are a Good CFL supporter and against godfrey and rogers and co, then get together with the rest and make a stink. Let your voices be heard above theirs, not just on sites like this, but all across canada in every media. Put the pressure on those assholes, create backlash. Cause I dont hear nobody in toronto putting any pressure on these guys to shut up and dissapear.

If you not part of the solution, you are part of the problem

LOL you're kidding right? Actually we'll do just fine, resource are bought and sold- how do you think Toronto makes the money in does now? Finance.... maufacturing and services - import export and tax generation... Think about it. Resources are simply traded here.

Actually I think both can survive here. I go to just about every Argos game and bought GC tickets for the first time last year. I love all football and just don't get all keep it Canadian stuff I read here. Half the palyers and coaches are Americans... you want it to be a Canadian league kick them out as well.

Toronto = :lol:

no city can stand alone unless supported by a company like microsoft. You need product to export. You need raw materials to manufacture with. You need food.

I just have to question the sanity of anyone who thinks both cfl and nfl can survive together in toronto. Argos barely survive alone.

And I question the sanity of anyone who does not understand basic economics.

Microsoft had revenues of $51 billion usd and 79,000 employees. The City of toronto has several "Microsofts" headquartered here.. 1 is hardy enough to keep the City of Toronto going... Toronto's taxes alone generated about $29 billion for Federal and Provincal coffers....... that's more than most small caribbean countries. They seem to do just fine.

Dude - what do you think most small countries do? They have next to no resources but still manage to exist- they buy the resources and make products that they can't afford to import or can be made cheaply enough.. as would Toronto. Raw materials are purchased and assembled then sold.. where do you think they come from? Food is purchased - you think its free just because in grows in Canada? Any City state would exist as a free trade partner within North America. It would only be a matter of paperwork and legeslation... and political will.

back to football....

The Argos are doing just fine... it's the league that hs issues. The Argos averaged 31k last year... what did BC do?


It is a dude named "alphamale", from Toronto, acting like he knows everything.


Well Thyllin, you have to admit, with a name like alphamale, he just might have a few more things to say about things, eh?

PS. Now take notice I didn't say a few more words of wisdom to say about things. :wink:

Just kidding alphamale, I like your name, well, I think I do anyways. :wink:

LOL No worries - no offense taken. I never said I know everything. I just provide info when I know it or can get it. I just think its funny when people argue without facts or the ability to back up what they are saying or make it up so that people think they know what they are talking about...

Called it...