Bills vs Steelers on TV in Canada?

I know the games on FSN Pittsburgh, and ABC Buffalo down south...are they televising it in Canada at all? Regaurdless if it's a sellout or not it's a fairly big event. TSN has the TiCats/Al's game on and RSN has the Jays game. It would be pretty dumb if both ABC and FSN had the game and not anywhere here considering its being played here.

City TV has it here.


Yes! It will be an ABC Simulcast as a matter of fact

7:00 PM
Bills Blitz...See it on City
(PG) (CC)
(Pre-Game Tailgate Party)This half-hour CityNews special will "set up" the pre-season game between the Bills and the Steelers. Join CityNews anchor Gord Martineau, CityNews Specialist Hugh Burril, as well as our colleagues from The Fan 590 and Rogers Sportsnet, as we broadcast live from the "tailgate parties" around The Rogers Centre; talking to NFL fans in Toronto.
7:30 PM
NFL Football: NFL Football 2008: Pittsburg Vs. Buffalo
(PG) (CC) Simulcast/ABC

Holy mackeral, am I ever excited to see the tailgate parties around the RC, I can't wait!

Go for it guys and knock your brains out, I'll be watching the CFL and Olympics thank you very much rather than some drunks tailgaiting at a pre-season game in T.O.

The game is only televised to those who have Buffalo ABC on their cable.

It's also on CityTV Toronto which is likely available to digital customers in parts across the country.

I guess this is our game thread. I missed the first TD.

Nice return by McKelvin!