Bills vs. Pats game time moved

The NFL has moved the game time for the Buffalo Bills home game against the New England Patriots on Sunday November 18th from 1:00pm to 8:15pm.

While I'm sure the NFL did not have thoughts of the Toronto Argonauts home play-off game in mind, this has to be a huge sigh of relief for the CBC, The Argo's and the CFL as now the Eastern final doesn't have to go head to head with what is probably going to be the biggest game of the Bills season.



Maybe you should change that to the "biggest blowout of the Bill's season."

Good for the NFL, good for the CFL, and good for TV.

Don’t care about the Bills.

Don’t care about the blue team.

Go away.

now southern ontario fans will get home in time to go to work if they start work at 9am

should include the 6 hour wait at the border!