Bills vs. Argos

If the Bills move to Toronto, will the person making out the schedule in both leagues have an agreement to alternate for the usage of the stadium like the Jets and Giants do at the Meadowlands? In other words, when the Bills are on the road, the Argos will be home, and vice versa?

the argos upset the ticats and are in the east final WHO cares bout the bills

The Bills need to go back to only playing home games in Buffalo as far as I'm concerned. Toronto is Argo land, Canada is CFL territory. This whole series has been a joke. Don't get me wrong, I am both a CFL and NFL fan but the NFL should be kept out of Canada.

This issue has already been addressed by the Commissioner of the NFL, there will be no permanent Bills or any NFL team in T.O without a stadium that holds around 70,000 people.

and sorry T.O has never pulled a crowd of that magnitude for anything, I'm sure on an occasion they could fill 70,000 but for 8 times a year, with a pi$$ poor team annually? I don't think so

thats not true.....70,000 showed up for

There was a suggestion that the hotel and restaurant be removed from Rogers Centre to increase capacity.

An hour or so fresh from the NFL web site:

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Ford is an idiot, there isn't an stadium for the NFL, Toronto would be a failure compared to New Orleans and Jacksonville. This to me is just hot air.

If the NFL comes to Toronto, in 5 years they will see it was a terrible mistake, I could see Jacksonville moving west to Los Angeles. I don't see Buffalo moving, or New Orleans.

The Ford brothers are definitely scum.

Here's news on the Raiders that makes a point regarding considerations for a move to another place by any given NFL team, not that the Raiders would be in consideration for any plans for Toronto:

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Basically, as this example indicates, I would not feel so assured as do some below that many a given franchise is locked into its current situation when greener pastures lie somewhere else now and/or in the next 8 years.

Ultimately given the underlying economic and population demographics of Toronto, I do see at some point Toronto being a greener pasture for some NFL team.

Whow and when is anyone's guess.

The rogers centre could not house an NFL team, a new stadium would be needed, it would cost like 500 million bucks at least.
I hope this dream comes to an end before we have to pay out our rear ends just to become even more American.

im not even sure if 500 million would cover the cost of a stadium. i know when regina was talking about a 40,000 seat covered stadium it was priced at 450 million. and they need a way bigger stadium then that.. and it will have to be covered, as the NFL playes into january. and if they want to get a super bowl... well, i think the point is there. i know paolo really beleives Toronto will get an NFL franchise, but i just dont see it. L.A. will get a team, Bills are going to build a new stadium, mexico city is on the list before Toronto. Bills in toronto was just an experiment to test the market, put some scare into buffalo, and make some cash. the bills would protest another team that close to them. not to mention 15,000 fans travel from the GTA to Buffalo for games. the Ford brothers need to let this go. NO Canadian billionair is going to front this. and the NFL does not allow bussinesses to own teams. Sorry Toronto. Maybe just keep happy with the bills as almost your team.

Mexico City? Uh -- NFW and why is that even being mentioned here? Are you on drugs? :stuck_out_tongue:

Read up a bit more on what is going on in Mexico now and has been dragging down that country further for quite a few years now. Consider what is happening in even supposedly thriving Monterrey, and talk to anyone living in NV, AZ, and SoCal as have I and you know damn well that country is going to hell faster than ever:

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One overlooked key to Mexico's continued and quick demise is that its corrupt central government can no longer tame the drug lords due to lack of funding as its racket from the state-owned oil company with fields now in decline in production. Now the central government there is forced to rely even more upon the open massive bribery with drug cartels that is part of Mexican life all the same otherwise.

There is a lot of anti-NFL venom for sure here as well as otherwise fine points to be made at the daunting obstacles Toronto would face to have an NFL team with or without the Argos in the picture as a full-time team there as I would advocate as well.

Though I disagree because I think the money trail will prevail ultimately even if it is not the Fords involved, I see many fine points are made for the matter not to happen rather than happen.

One other point made though with which I disagree highly though is that assertion that "the NFL would not even be interested in a team there." That's a massive bunch of hooey, for the NFL no doubt is interested in ANY potentially profitable market with solid demographics though would want to be mindful of which team moves there all the same.

Even to this day not all stadia are not sold out AND have full attendance for our country's favourite game, and until that happens 100% on every Sunday from September through November AND so long as some municipalities are offering better deals to team owners than others, the moves of teams to other markets will continue.

In the end akin to what happened rightfully to the Thrashers in the NHL in lame Atlanta and will happen to the lowly Coyotes, the money trail wins.

As a side note I happened to be living in Atlanta when the Thrashers were brought to town and a brand new arena was built to accommodate them. There was all this hype back then in 1999 in the .com era about how Atlanta was going to become the Silicon Valley of the South and all that local propaganda. In the end no one cared about hockey down there then and still no one does as is the case in lamer Carolina for all its sports but football and college basketball.

the one thing most leagues will agree, you dont put a team in one city, when it can jepordise another franchise. meaning, if bufflao has a team, Toronto will not. its simple econimics. 15,000 fans cross the boarder 9 times a year to watch the bills, a team already having trouble selling tickets. you put a team in Toronto, those teams are competing for fans. same reason Hamilton does not have a hockey team. Because of all the people who travel from hamilton to watch the sabres play. Los angelos will get a team long before toronto is looked at. The stadium thing is a bit of a hold up. Thats it. Not one person has stepped forwerd yet and said " i will build a stadium and bring an NFL team to Toront."

Sleep easy in Toronto, as they are investing a bit in some new turf in Buffalo with the prices going down as well:

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NFL sucks plain and simple! Look at the USA they are in complete disarray. Canada rules!

you gotta quit holding back. tell us how you really feel

Is that the free will of the Canadian people? When I look at video shots of Argo games, the house is fairly empty. If the folks in Canada fill the house when the NFL is there, what does that mean? Where is the free market for Canadians to choose?

When people don't go to Argo games, what does that mean? The view of the action stinks and it's not an enjoyable experience? Why are these questions not being asked?