Bills to Toronto?

check out the forum on the buffalo bills website.
there is a lot of talk about the Bills moving to Toronto and how the bills fans hate it

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I don't blame them, how would you like your team to go caput and lose them to a city in another country! Expos fans in Montreal aren't all too happy I've heard they lost their team to Washington.

of course they would hate it.

a lot of talk equals speculation.

never ending speculation.

Its not going to happen.

Even more stupid than beleiving it might happen is beleiving it would have no negative affect on the argos.

A lot of stupid people out there tho, like the ones that supported Johnson over Flutie.

Good post FYB, Yes Johnson over Flutie, where is he now?

this is stupid.

It's not going to happen. There's not enough marketability in Toronto for an NFL team. The NFL thrives on big time american media coverage that Toronto can't supply. It would be cool, but it won't happen.

Geez, you'll be getting Paul Godfrey all excited again!

This belongs in "other football".

gecflnfl, i know you're new so i'll cut you some slace, but this has been beaten to death.

nfl will never come to toronto, toronto is too dumb to build a state of the art football stadium, look at how skydome turned out, bmo field only got built due to a last minute effort by mlse, the argos have been around for 150 years and cant even build their own park. The NFL will move onto to bigger and better things like Los Angeles getting two teams, one in orange county, and another in downtown Los Angeles, plus Orlando is building a new football park and will apply for a team.

Really there is no proof otherwise two fans talking about arumor that frankly started in the early 70's. Who in Canada will cough up a billion dollars just fro the franchise and then spend 150 million on a stadium that could end up empty when tan NFL franchise fails. Funny but just think how long it would take to pay for all of this. Dumb post really now if it was a newspaper article from Buffalo it might tweak someones interest. But so far rumors, smoke and mirrors. Until some one comes up with major dough that is going to be tied up over a very long period of time (lifetime) then we all know money talks bullshit walks.
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dont you think, the nfl would step in and move it two downtown los angeles? the nfl could easily spend money and renovate the coliseum, the nfl is built on old money, and can get the job done, they can move it from buffalo to los angeles, get a new helmet, nickname, colours, spend a few buck on some renovations, and the nfl could even use the rose bowl as a temporary stadium.

:lol: I love that movie 05. It's pretty funny eh'.

Ah I thought I would put a little humor up here and cheer some of those riderfans that are up tight. Right Arius! What movie is it?

Geez 2005, if you aren't stirring up the Bomber fans, you are now taking on the Rider ones....... I didn't see the movie, so you'll have to tell what it is from.

You got it!

Sporty I am unsure what movie this is just found the picture and it reminded me of my two favorite Rider fans.

It's strange brew with Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas.It's based of the characters they created on SCTV.

Right now I remember it! They were rider fans right! :lol: :lol:


If the Stamps lose this weekend Dr Phil said I get the jacket and PJ treatment.