bills to play dolphins

Alot Bills Season Ticket holders are Mad.
Some are even saying the Turn in there Tickets.
Some of them won't get a chance to see the game live.

Bills Phins Game is one the Fans of Buffalo Live for.

Who reported that?

Are they confusing the 100,000 figure with the 100,000 people that have signed at the online site billsintoronto where no one as yet has put down a single penny?

Nevertheless, I do think the game will sell-out quickly as I think they won't have enough people for the 5 year package thing and will immediately open it up to a game by game sell. The spin they might put on it is that they will say in hindsight it's best to do it that way for the fans of other teams so as not to indicate they didn't have enough sold for the 5 year package. What I think anyways, might be wrong.

David Naylor in today’s Globe reports that there are Tickets Aplenty Available for Bills in Toronto

"With the Bills’ preseason encounter against the Pittsburgh Steelers just 22 days away, between 6,000 and 8,000 tickets remain available for the Aug. 14 contest. They went on sale last week on a single-game basis.

Tickets for Buffalo’s first regular-season game in Toronto, against the Miami Dolphins in December, also remain available, but only to those willing to buy seats for the exhibition contest against Pittsburgh as well."

Thanks for the update Dan here

I found this part particularly interesting:

[i]Based on what tickets remain available, it would appear that Rogers Communications may have pushed the upper price point too aggressively. For instance, an online search for a pair of tickets revealed nothing available below $255 dollars a seat, but plenty of seats priced from $255 to $575. The same is true for the two-game packages, which include next month's exhibition game and the December game against the Dolphins.

Those tickets are priced slightly higher than they were for those who committed to three-game and eight-game packages through the lottery.

"The high-priced tickets or packages are always the hardest to move," Montgomery said. "But we only put them out for public sale a while ago. Like any ticket, they require a dedicated sales effort."

Rogers paid $78-million for eight Bills home dates (five regular-season and three exhibition games) over a five year period, requiring them to set an average ticket price above $200 (including VIP seats that include some amenities). By comparison, the NFL's New England Patriots had the league's highest average ticket price last season at $91.[/i]

Who would you rather watch, the hapless Bills or the consistent winning Patriots?

Neither. I absolutely hate the Patriots and I'm sick of watching the Bills. I'd rather watch paint dry or a baseball game. (In that order.)

My Ti-Cats season's ticket cost me $300, and are worth more to me than a season's ticket to the Bills whether in Tornto or Buffalo.

$255 for a cheap seat in Skydome to watch an exhibition game! I'm sorry, but anyone who pays that is an idiot brainwashed by corporate marketing hype.

true dat!!!!

The Redskins are my favorite NFL team and I wouldn't even pay that to watch them for a regular season game....why would I do it for a preason game. That's just insane.

who in their right mind will pay $250.00 for a football game, when they can drive down to Buffalo and pay $70..with the best tailgating around I might add!!
I'm thinking Rogers and major Corp's have bought most of the tickets and will give them out to employees..etc....
Rogers doesn't want the stadium to look empty...but it will after the half as the major corp.players will be drinking their Congacs and smoking there Cuban cigars..just like a leaf game(platinums seating always empty start of 2nd 3rd period.) :lol:

You're talking about two different types of people. A lot of the people that can afford to drop $300 on a football ticket aren't going to take 8-10 hours out of their lives to drive to Buffalo to save a few hundred bucks.

After all, most years they just fly to Boston or New York or Miami when they want to see an NFL game.

I know a guy that lives in Toronto, has season tickets for the KC Chiefs, and has only missed a handful of Chiefs home games in the past ten years. Go figure!

Now why anyone, rich or poor, would spend a few hundred bucks on a pre-season ticket for any league unless they were forced to as a part of a season ticket package - that's one I don't have an explanation for.

What I will find aggravating is if... when Ted Rogers dares to complain if the government steps in to help or protect the CFL in the event of an NFL invasion. (whether Rogers/Tanenbaum lead or not)

Considering the protectionism the various arms of his vast media empire enjoys (cable, mobile phone, etc, and the no-competition high prices it leads to), it will be complete hypocrisy for him to complain about any protection afforded a Canadian institution like the CFL.

The Leafs (Tanenbaum) are not much better considering the irrational and insane protectionism the NHL gives them in Southern Ontario.

But complain they no doubt will.

What's good for the goose should be good for the gander :slight_smile:


Nope it will be one of the corporate leaf fans that can afford 255. and a Latte :roll:

My vote for Post Of The Year.

Can you give me an example of what that insane protectionism the NHL gives Toronto would be?

Even a diehard Ticat/Steeler fan like myself won't put down $300 to see Big Ben for one series in an exhibition game at RC.
Mind you, I did fork out about $700 last year to take the family to see Timmy Chang for one series (after Maas finally got lifted) at Molson Stadium in Montreal so maybe I should rethink my strategy...

Jim Balsillie, and the 1991 expansion process.

Figures its against the worst team in the league.

I can't see the Dolphins winning more than 2 games this season.

8) You have just described perfectly a Toronto Maple Leaf fan !!!!!! :lol:

Please elaborate, as Balsille doesn't own a team and hasn't actually had a chance yet to take the NHL to court over territorial exemption fees.

Now I understand Balsille would challenge the "gentlemen's agreement" of paying a fee to move into a territory. Since it's not an actual NHL rule it holds no weight.

the reasons NHL has not given a team to Balsille has nothing SPECIFICALLY to do with the leafs and more to do with other owners not wanted another team in Canada and that is why the NHL won't let Balsille have any team as long as they believe he will try to move a team.

try again though with an example of how the league is protection the Leafs specifically.