bills to play dolphins

sunday dec 7 the bills will be playing there arch rivals miami dolphins at the roger centre bet that makes the fans in buffalo real happy

Those who make the trip from Buffalo sure will be HAPPY to enjoy a game in the COMFY CONFINES of the Dome.


What a marquee match-up for the Bills first game north of the border. By December 7 these two teams probably won't even have any pride left to play for. :lol:

What a total slap in the face to Bills fans. Imagine if they had a Ti-cat game somewhere else and they made it a Ti-cat-Argo game.

What a joke. I hate the Bills but those games mean to Bills fans what Argo games mean to Ti-cat fans

like the labour day game played in london







And you mean?

"Squish 'da Fish" in Toronto! Who would've thunk it?

Yeah! The Bill's fans will be really enthused about trading the hometown advantage of Westerly Winds off Lake Erie @ Ralph Wilson for the "Dolphin Friendly" confines of the Roger's Centre"!

This should be good! Especially if the Bills and Fish are competitive this winter!

What a (marketing) olive branch!!!!

Ya I'm sure fans in Buffalo are really crying over losing out on having to watch a team that was one of the worst in league history last year.

It depends on one's perspective...I certainly didn't mind watching a mediocre Ticat team in the late seventies roadgrate an even worse Blue Team on a regular basis at IWS... :wink:

I understand the Bills had to schedule a game in T.O for after the CFL schedule ends and that the Squish The Fish Bowl is usually held in mid-to-late December to accomodate snowball throwers <duck Marino!>. LOL It is curious why THAT game was the one they chose to put in the Concrete Convertible.

In a perfect world, they'd roll the roof and greet the Dolphins with a snowsquall Orchard Park would be proud of. Regardless, it is a rivalry game and the teams should bring an amped effort to T.O.

Oski Wee Wee,

i could imagine the outcry in toronto if the nhl brings back the neutal site games and had montreal play toronto in hamilton instead of the air canada centre it would never happen

The chances of that don't look very good.

The Bills will be pretty good this year. Probably not good enough to make it through the cheese grinder that is the AFC, but pretty good. The dolphins will be twice as good atleast, i gaurantee that :wink:

Wow, a slap in the face to Bills fans indeed.

Buffalo TV is reminding fans that the Dolphins didn't sell out in Buffalo two years ago, and the blackout was in effect.

I wonder if they will blackout the game in Buffalo if Rogers Centre doesn't sell out this year.

Regardless of the teams standings when this game comes around, it will be hyped big-time by Rogers, MLSE NFL style like only the NFL knows how to and will be a huge success. That's the thing about the NFL, they have the money and know-how to market and use the American television tool as a huge marketing tool. This is why this game will work no matter what and Rogers, Tanenbaum want to tap into this American TV market. Quite frankly I don't blame them.

But I'll be spending my money, limited as it is, on TiCat season tickets and the Grey Cup in Montreal, which obviously will be a very meaningful game. Although I just might find I'll go to the RC come Dec. 7 and look for some cheapie tickets and if I don't get them, that's fine, do something else in T.O. It's not like it's the GC afterall but still will be fun hanging around the stadium beforehand for an hour or so. It'll be a big crowd and full of enthusiasm and and football fans, NFL whatever, and not stuffy baseball fans, hoping, always a good time. And I'll be wearing some TiCat stuff, of course!! :wink:

You're kidding right?
This game will be sold out by next week!!

If this game does have playoff implications, look for these tickets to be going for huge amounts on the streets, that's a given.

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

It was reported last night that it is already considered a sell out. Over 100,000 request for tickets.