Bills to play 8 games in Toronto

I'm going along with what the folks over at fan590 surmised when this came up in and around our recent Grey Cup and that was that this is merely Ralph Wilson's way of expanding his territory/region and thus protecting it from any possible future insurgence from an NFL expansion or relocated team (other than the Bills) landing in TO ie TO is Bill's country so if you wanna play here you gotta pay me.

If he can do this and at the same time make some extra $$ at it by cashing in on NFL fixated fans that live in this area (apparently they have a hard time selling-out Bill's stadium in December) then all the better - for him.

I wouldn't walk out to my front lawn to see the Bills play (unless they were playing the Steelers) and I certainly wouldn't pay 100.00 or more to see them.

Same with me boreham, now it’s time for the super, super big NFL fans in southern Ontario to “show me the money”, or more precisely “show Ralphy the money”.

If the Vikes play, well, maybe I’ll pay $100, maybe.

I understand that The Bills are going ask 250/seat X 8 ( 2000.00 ) for 3 pre-season and 5 regular games: to be paid in advance, for games that will be played over the next 5 years.

       Had The Bills seen the whinning and belly-aching that has gone on in this Forum for the past month,  over a little  $ 130.00 increase for 9 games , 

they wouldn’t have bothered to even mention Hamilton.

       I won't even get into the lousy NFL rules/game except to say :

The " fair catch " rule makes for the worst play in pro football.

Two words "RIP-OFF"

Isn't a compound word technically one word?? :stuck_out_tongue:

just a little tease before leaving buffalo for toronto!

Hey, I'll go with ya!
Two hundred and fifty bucks for an NFL game in Skydome, why not?

Then again, we could just buy tickets in Buffalo, pay something closer to seventy bucks for the same seat, get to tailgate, sit in an eighty thousand seat stadium with insane fans, maybe stop for some wings, get some cheap booze at the duty free. Hmmm...why are we going to Skydome again?

Of course, Buffalo is horrible, if you buy into that Skydome package three of the games are exhibition, most real fans won't go meaning the suits will attend (think lousy ACC atmosphere). At least the Buffalo Jills will be in-doors.

hahahahahaha...$4000...what a ####### joke!..the NFL is a bore to watch...give your heads a shake...

250 a pop x 8 = 2000 canadian bucks. Now our buck is at par with the yank buck. Did you know, that you can buy 4 to 5 years season tix down in buffalo at that price. Do the math. Or on the other hand. If someone wants to pay 250 for a ticket. hmmmm
free enterprise at it best. Any one want to buy my ticket, starting bid 2500. yes, i did add another zero, Isn't that what America was build on.

Oh, i take paypal, and cash, sorry no cheques............ 500, 600, 700 etc

Rather spend my cash on NCAA international bowl, best game I've seen in years.

C’mon, where’s the entrepreneural spirt in this city.

Snap up a few dozen Ticat Season tickets, scoop up a few dozen of the Bills tickets reserved for Ticat season ticket holders, buy a dirty coat, grow a greasy moustache and wait for December. Then you can stand outside Rogers Centre and make enough money to keep you in Lucky Lager until the following December.

I actually have stated that my tolerance is $100 for an upper level seat. If you want to pay $250 or go to Buffalo, you can find someone else. Nwither option interests me

Actually as sarcastic as that was its still entirely plausible

I'll believe it when I see it. For the Super Bowl, sure I'll pay $250 or the Grey Cup, but not for a regular season, that's right, regular season game, you would have to be insane IMHO. But Toronto is used to the Leafs and well, insane what they pay there for a less than average team. You might be right catsconvert with what section8 says, you just might be right.

Just reading Perkins of The Star thinks the same way.

"So what? If Toronto wants to play in this league, it had better be prepared to pay – and pay everyone surely will. This is the NFL, where teams are worth a billion dollars. Toronto is a rich market. There will be no bargains involved. No matter what they cost, there will be about as many unsold tickets for NFL games in Toronto as there are unsold Maple Leaf tickets."


$250 sounds like an obscene amount of money for a meaningless pre-season game, but that's only if you think of it in real out-of-pocket after-tax dollars. It's a different story when you're a corporation and can claim 50% of the cost of your tix as an entertainment expense.

If you're in the position to get tix through your company, and your company isn't too concerned about price, then how much does ticket price really matter. A guy I met for the first time and talked to for 15 minutes at a Christmas party in December handed me a pair of platinum Leaf tickets because he couldn't be bothered to go and was otherwise going to throw them out -how much do you think the cost of those tickets matters to that guy?

Sarcasm - never - look at the business case for a scalper, err, Ticket Procurement Consultant. You pay $250, your one man ticket procurement corporation, Greasy Moustache Ltd., writes off half, now you have a $250 face value ticket that cost you $125. If the event creates even moderate buzz, you sell it for $375 and make a 200% return on your investment. Even if the event doesn't generate the hoped for buzz, you can sell the ticket for $200, some regular joe walks away happy thinking he beat a scalper down on price, and the scalper walks away happy with a 60% return. If you're lucky, you hook up with a few companies with blocks of tix that will funnel you the ones they can't use at 1/4 to 1/3 face value - you can really make some beer money on those ones. Now if you can find a way to tap into a vein of comp tix - now you can afford to buy new work gear, a team jacket maybe, one of those melton and leather numbers that signal that you're in the top tier of scalpers. If you're smart, you hire your first employee to rock the dirty coat/greasy moustache combo on Front Street for you, and you just put your feet up and watch Dancin with the Former Stars with your little lady on the 60" plasma. Fellow Ticat fans, we are for once at The Front Of The Line but, hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Good read section. The guy was going to throw out those Leaf tickets, wow at the cost they are. But as you say, Toronto is corporate heaven for sports, well at least for the major leagues where the corporate people want to be seen with the big, big time sports shots, just to be seen sort of thing, and the Bills/NFL know this.

Now you know why all those season ticket increases, maybe they think people will flock to buy ticats seasons to get the opportunity to by bills seats - all makes sense now. If your stupid enough to buy a whack of over-priced bills tickets what's a few extra bucks to pick up ticats seasons at a fraction of the cost for the right to buy bills tickets.

Just another way for the marketing whizs that run the cats to make more money, screw the die hards and put out a crappy team.

The ticats marketing guys (that ran vanier cup ops and league web site are probably making money by handling the marketing of the game with the Argos). Don't kid yourself that the cats aren't making money - which is great, just start putting a competetive team on the field for the die hards to enjoy.

Suddenly the on field team seems to be the least for this franchise to worry about.

By the way, ever watch a game at Skydome? the worst football stadium in history - good luck to the NFL, and I hope you enjoy your experience at Skydome for the price of an 8 game package.

This is bizarre, but if the cats and argos can make money off it, great! Lets hope this does not all backfire!

Remember the days when you could just go to the box office buy a ticket for an event, it was reasonably priced and didn't involve a package or a seat licence or a right of refusal etc.

Good luck NFL fans enjoy your experience, just don't F with our league.

Was just on the website of a London, Ontario radio station. They have a poll on their home page asking if you would go see the Bills in Toronto for 250 a pop.

Options are:

No, I would sooner get a cheap seat and see them in Buffalo

Yes, I have a criminal record and can't cross the border!!!

Maybde that is what the promotors are hoping for and full house of felons.

I knew it was just a matter of time until someone came on here making a case for how this is all the TiCats fault.