Bills to play 8 games in Toronto

Thanks cats but for now, I'm going to pass on putting up $4000 grand for the tickets regardless. I'll see what's available when, or if, singles go on sale.

I'm not interested in $4000 either. I'm thinking some lower priced option but I have no access. Info would be helpful

Word is that first crack goes to Ticat and Argo season ticket holders. Potentially, you will have to purchase all of the games up front.

All else aside, this seems to me as nothing more than a blatant money grab by the Bills organization. To ask for money upfront 5 yrs ahead of the scheduled last event is just the team and organizators getting an interest free loan.

This is similar to the "seat tax" so popular now in major sports were you have to pay a fee, often huge, just for the privelege to buy season tickets.

I am sure people will gobble it up. Me, I will just pick a game I want to see, go to Orchard Park, tail gate and drink cheap (tasteless)beer, and have dinner before heading home. I could do that for the next 5 yrs for a grand or less.

Maybe so but you know the costs aren't going to rise. Actually driving all the way to Buffalo, crossing the border and not even being able to drink amber coloured water for fear of getting losing my license pretty much rules out the tailgating and the descriptions of the bus tours rules that out as well. I'd love to go to Cleveland where I could walk back to the hotel

Toronto's chance to prove to world they are "world class" by spending the dough and sell-out every game. But they have to prove it to the big-boys NFL.

Should not be a problem Earl. Problem is that as previously discussed the NFL doesn't care nor do they want Toronto

Agreed. This has nothing to do with the NFL awarding a franchise to Toronto. Money, Money, Money.

Catsconvert, some of the bus tours have arrangements with people in Buffalo to join in tailgating parties. Just have to find the right ones I guess. Haven't used one for a few years myself.

Everyone I have known that went had a negative experience. Having fun is cool but the stories told suggest that a few bad apples that get carried away ruin it for the majority

Way back in my younger days, I went on a couple of these tour bus things to Bills games and man, if you want to get sloshed and be around sloshed people, I'd definitely do it. But now, I have no interest in this, much prefer going to a Cats game with the wife, not far from home, and in a much more civilized atmosphere as I guess now I'm just a tad more civilized than I was before. lol

Problem that has been dogging this issue for years has been the desire and hopes of some in the Tor. media for an NFL gets reported as informed opinion if not fact.
As a result the average football fan with NFL-envy is convinced the NFL in Tor is inevitable because “so and so in the Globe/Star/Sun said it was”.
With all the money involved, the complications, the backroom deals nothing is inevitable.
The price tag of an NFL team goes up by the minute. By the time Wilson wants to sell there might not be anyone in Canada with the stomach to buy it nevermind building a new stadium to put it in.

So when you hear anyone say “it’s only a matter of time” they’re really saying “I hope it happens.”

Earl, so true, but dang “road trips” were a hoot. I guess the fun stopped around the same time we started making “old man” noises when we try to get out of bed!

Seriously, if one wants to see the NFL it is still better to go to Buffalo or Detroit (designated driver) that to pay five years extortion money up front. Might be watching some of the games from the real “Sky Box” by then.

“old man noises”

Too friggin funny Mat!!

For me it looks like the Montreal Expos when they started playing 25% of their home games in Puerto Rico...... They were gone 2-3 years later......

Just showing your age Earl (and about time too). :slight_smile:

My guess is that the organizers are really pitching their tix to the Bills games at the corporate buyers. Not many average fans I know will or can pay out 5 years before the last game is played!!! It is a cash grab to help the Bills stay economically viable in the future, ie. hook more Canadians on the Bills

I'm still very wary of any NFL presence in Canada but since it can't be avoided, this is as good a way to go as possible for the CFL.

An Argo-Cat fan

So true Earl. I no longer have any desire to witness the more unpleasant sights and odours resulting from overindulgence

I have a slightly more interesting scenario my friends. How is this, Mr. Wilson continues his threatening tone. Mr. Galisanno (excuse the spelling) says, no way the Bills (or Sabres are leaving. He makes that promise to the people of Buffalo based on of course money coming from the people of Buffalo for oh I don't know perhaps a new stadium perhaps domed more N.F.L. sized 70-75 thousand to be built within oh say the somwhere in the next five years as they drain money from Southern Ontario.

If the people of Toronto think that they are getting a permanent N.F.L. team soon, they had better hope someone wants to build a privately funded 70 thousand seat stadium. A median priced $250.00 ticket in my view is not permanently sustainable.

Hey, Toronto welcome to being used a a pawn, we've been doing it for the N.H.L. for years.

Just my two cents.

Well done.
Toronto Bills = Hamilton Predators/Penguins/Blues

Cannot disagree, but that doesn't mean I have to stay away if I can get a $100 ticket

Good points all around. Hey, if you're an NFL fan and want to go to a game without crossing the border, go for it. It shouldn't mean you are doing a disservice to Canada or the CFL or that you're not a loyal Canadian, afterall any money spent in Toronto is spent in Canada. And really, as I've said before on many times, the more football played in the Rogers Centre, the more football feel the stadium gets which is great for football in general in southern Ontario. I wonder what Jays fans who don't like football or say the Argos and have said they wish the Argos would get out of "their baseball stadium", I wonder if they are going to say the same thing about an NFL game there. Hey Jays fans who don't like football, get used to it, football is on the rise everywhere in Canada, Expos gone and the Jays might be next. Don't wish anything bad on the Jays but for me, the more football, 3, 4 down whatever, the better.