Bills to play 8 games in Toronto

Just heard on the fan590 that next Wednesday an announcement will be made that the Bills will play 8 games in the next five years in Toronto.

3 preseason and 5 regular season games.

Average ticket price is expected to be $250.00

You cannot pick and choose games, you must buy them all in adavance.

First choice of up to 25,000 seats go to Argo season ticket holders (20,000) and Tiger-Cat season's ticket holder (5,000 )

Next choice goes to Bills season's ticket holders.

So a pair of avarage seats will cost you $4,000.00 for 5 games and 3 preseason games over the next five years.

tickets will be made available by a ticket lottery to argo ticat and buffalo bills season ticket holders also game in 2008 is guaranted not to be played during cfl season as i heard on primetime sports tonight

on the fan 590 theyre going to talk about this situation in a couple minutes

$250 a ticket with a five year commitment UP FRONT! 5000 seats set aside for Ticat season ticket holders. Now that is fascinating, for two reasons.

During the big Ticat ticket price ruckus of the past few weeks, some people made the point that at $50, Ticat tickets were now as expensive as Bills tickets. If the Bills can only get $50 a seat in Buffalo, and they can get five times that in Toronto, damn right Toronto will have an NFL team in five years.

Second, I guess the Bills are among those that don't buy the argument that Hamilton fans can't afford to pay the going rate for football tickets.

I understand that in order for the Bills to survive in Buffalo, it must be viable for them to play a game up in Canada every season. I hope that's all it would be.

C$250 a ticket = corporate suits = reduced atmosphere (see Leafs)

I've been going to Bills games the last two years and the whole experience is great. To bring them to Toronto will be like comparing a game at Ivor Wynne to a game at the Rogers Center. There simply is no spirit and energy in Toronto. I can speak of that since I've attended both venues for CFL games.

I feel for Buffalo.

Not sure if they mentioned it but part of the due diligence for determing an NFL market is gambling.....apparantly Toronto is the #2 market in North America for sports gambling and specifically on the NFL

Also, the wealth per/capita in Toronto is mind blowing.....housing prices are also part of the due diligence

Like it or not, the NFL wants Toronto in the worst way....the huge bucks are in Toronto and so is the television market for the NFL

.....get ready my friends, there is absolutely no way the NFL isn't coming to Toronto....

What do you base this assertion on?
People with NFL-envy have been saying this for decades yet somehow the NFL survives without T.O.
NFL doesn't need a team in Canada to exploit T.V. numbers, the numbers are already there. And if the Bills need to relocate there are several cities in which to go.
I've heard rumours there is alot of wealth per capita in the Los Angeles area.

Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that the NFL would love the 5th largest market in the US/Canada. I mean Buffalo or Toronto, if you even have to think about what city the NFL would prefer, you are missing a few things upstairs.

That being said, I do think the NFL respects both the tradition of the Bills in Buffalo and the tradition of the CFL in Canada, at least to a certain extent.

But what a bargoon eh guys and gals, average price $250.00! :wink: Well, it’s Toronto’s chance to show the NFL that they can ante up for the NFL.

8) Wow, what a deal, $4000 for a pair of seats for 8 games (3 of which are preseason) spread out over the next 5 years, and you must pay the total amount upfront !!!

As the old saying goes, " there's a sucker born every minute ". :roll:

There is no financial incentive for theNFL to come to Canada Earl or Toronto would have had a team years ago. If the Bills relocate it won't be to Toronto. There are US markets that will bring in a lot more money. The fact that Canadian TV nets them zero advertizing dollars and they have a Canadian audience puts Toronto in the same position as LA. They simply aren't needed and Toronto has the added difficulty of an international border crossing which is problematic for many lawabiding (not) players

I hear you cats. Hey, the NFL is probably the only major sports league that can afford not to have a team in LA. But you know darn well they would love a team in every top 10 market in US and Canada regardless of the reasons you mention. The Bills have near the lowest ticket prices in the league and contribute nearly the lowest I've heard to the pot where everyone gets the equal payments from. It's a small market and the NFL doesn't want small markets, like any league, that don't contribute that much to the pie.

If Toronto had a football stadium I’d be willing to spend $1600 for a pair. I know I wouldn’t have a problem finding a partner unlike the situation I have with the Cats at 1/4 the price. I love the CFL but frankly any comparison between the CFL and the NFL has to start with the quality of players. Since the NFL pays WAAAAAAAAAAY more than double the CFL does it stands to reason the prices will be WAAAAAAAAAAAAY more than double for tix, advertising, etc etc

Here's a good article. Love Ralph Wilson and the tin cup comment!

"I’m tired of standing on a street corner with a tin cup asking you guys to support us,’ ? Wilson said.


If this story is indeed true, I will look forward to seeing the 5,000 ticket packages offered to Tiger-Cat season ticket holders get gobbled up. After all the moaning and complaining by the media and Tiger-Cat fans about the increase in Tiger-Cat season tickets this season, it will FANTASTIC to watch as they collectively put their foots in their mouths. $2000 for 5 games and 3 pre-season games? Yet a meager increase on Tiger-Cat season tickets would seem like it would collectively bankrupt half the season ticket holders in this city?
Oh wait, "The NFL is superior, $2000? We can justify that" is what they'll say. WHATEVER! If you can afford $2000 to watch the Bills and Texans play a 7-0 preseason game, you certainly can handle a small bump in your hometown season tickets.



Supply and demand Devourer. I will make inquiries because I KNOW that I will be able to...

  1. find someone to go with
  2. find someone willing to pay me for the other ticket
  3. sell the tickets at or above face value should I not be able to make it
  4. see more talented players
  5. have fun

Your beef sounds as silly as my fellow Bulldogs fans railing against the NHL comming to town as too pricey. There are simply more people willing to pay more than are willing to come to minor league games. A fact you'll have to accept

They are more talented, not arguing, but not enough more talented for me to shell out that kind of money.
But, in the end, I think this could all be good for pro football in general, especially that the CFL, Argos and Cats are part of the announcement. Although I was reading the Rogers Centre people aren't happy about the NFL insisting on the CFL, Argos and Cats involved in this in any way. I guess that shouldn't surprise me about the Rogers, er Godfrey, people.

You can choose to stay away as I have chosen to stay away from Toronto Maple Leaf games in favour of the Bulldogs. That really doesn't mean that I feel Hamilton Bulldogs can charge $50 a seat and say its a good deal. IMO they are at the breaking point charging STH an average of $16.50 per game for adults and $22 for walkups. As for the NFL insisting on including CFL STH's .... it shows you that the NFL values the CFL as a developmental resource and will block any NFL adventure that would kill the CFL. Thats great news

Great news for sure cats and does want to make me go to these games. But I'm a season ticket holder anyways. But still, I like the NFL for insisting on this and wish I had more money.

Hey Earl, do you have Cats ST. I won't have them in my name and I'd like some info. Maybe we could work a deal for you to get to a game if you work a deal for me to get tix

Everybody KNOWS, that on the WHOLE, the TALENT level of the NFL is head and shoulders ABOVE that of the CFL … but ANYBODY who has been to a game in EACH League, also KNOWS that the NFL is a MADE FOR TELEVISION event. Yes, tailgating and the OVERALL Atmosphere of an NFL game is quite a BUZZ, and provides for some good times - BUT the LIVE GAME, itself, is a SNOOZE FEST … when you watch an NFL game on T.V - what you CAN’T APPRECIATE is how much DOWN time there is - between all the tv timeouts, and the LONGER PLAY clock the ACTUAL amount of Football being PLAYED is MUCH LESS than a CFL game (I have heard there are UPWARDS of 30-40 MORE plays per game in the CFL than the NFL).

The same people willing to PAY the kind of $$$ they are talking about are the SAME people who pay big $$$ for BRAND NAME CLOTHES … it is ALL about IMAGE, BRAND POWER and HERO worship … and NOTHING to do with SUPPORTING a Team …

All the POWER in the world to those WILLING to shell out their hard earned money on the NFL … I’ll enjoy watching it on TELEVISION … All the while attending the GREAT CANADIAN GAME for a FRACTION of the cost.

Long live the CFL !!