Bills to Hamilton ?

I know it's a longshot but what would it meant to the ticats??

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Ok, let's start talking the Aldershot site again. :lol:

I was figuring that we could drop a new NFL stadium in Confederation Park. :wink:

By the way, the Bills can pi$$ off. This is Tigertown. :cowboy:

Check out the Skyscraper Forum, somebody thinks a 30,000 seater will work for the Bills at WH. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wasn’t serious though, I hope not or else he might have to get himself checked out for some head issues. :wink:

Actually, not that crazy an idea. Sounds like being accessible from Toronto while being far enough out to avoid city council involvement is what he'd be looking for. And with no tie to any city, he doesn't have to worry about offending fans in the area by moving "way out of town". Aldershot might just be the right spot for the team, as long as he isn't dependent on government funding. There would be quite a fight from CFL lobbyists, for sure. But if he's got the bucks himself - and if Rogers pitches in for part ownership, with exclusive TV rights in Canada? - he might be able to put the stadium anywhere he wants.

Agree CatsFan. I was being a bit silly as Aldershot would have been a site for the stadium that could have been expanded should the Cats have become very popular, or should the Cats go defunct, heaven forbid, and then the footprint was there for an NFL stadium. Hamilton is situated about smack in the middle of Toronto and Buffalo, not a bad spot for an NFL team actually. Again though, heaven forbid unless it helped the Cats.

Never going to happen. The Bills may end up in Toronto.......I personally think the Buffalo fans would go absolutley nutz if there was any indication of the Bills moving to Toronto. One rather discouraging issue, if David Brailey ever gets sick and tired of the CFL, or should I dare say " The David Brailey Football League." I don't see too many people standing in line to buy the Ar^% H#*&. Have you noticed the commercial on TSN lately, the announcer says "Our Bills are coming home to play Washington at the Rogers Centre". As far as the Bills in Hamilton............never going to happen. The owner or potenial owners would have to deal with the city council. Good luck.

Hey Wildcats, to have to say, go to the lengths to say that is, "our Bills" shows how desperate they are to sell tickets to the game in Toronto. :wink: Without the Bills fans coming from WNY, the place would be half empty I'm sure.

Found this humorous article about this:

10 Things Buffalo Should Move to Hamilton Instead of the Buffalo Bills

Bass Pro (oh, wait…)
Tonawanda Coke and Love Canal
Canadian shoppers
Today’s weather
The old Peace Bridge, to make way for the new one (oh, wait…)
Our plethora of boarded-up buildings
Local politicians
All of the (not-funny) jokes about our winter weather
The Skyway
Artvoice (JK, we’re over that)

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the logistics make sense of course but this citys council would screw around with it, its amazes me we had a shot to even have a nhl team.

What a joke :lol:
As soon as the funeral service for Ralph Wilson is over the money in the US will be lined up at the door to buy the Bills and move them to Vegas, Omaha, Oklahoma or wherever.
There's as much chance of the Bills coming to Peterborough as there is to Hamilton. :slight_smile:

The idea that a Buffalo developer -- hell, any business owner in any town -- would pay his own money to build an NFL stadium might just be funnier than the idea that the Bills could/should move to Hamilton.
Yes a 60,000 seat stadium with 100 or so Private Suites - Aldershot is an ideal place, QEW/403/407/ Train station, easy to get to Toronto/Kitchener-Waterloo and WEstern New York. "The Ontario Bills" or change the name to "The Ontario....something"

The reason why they are looking at the - Southern Ontario Ontario region is the huge potential for advertising, the high incomes compared to the US right now, low unemployment, the corporate sector in this area would be on-board, no problem.
One of the most densley populated areas in North America - Hamilton to Oshawa
There is NO money in Vegas or Oklahoma or any other city right now. LA is almost bankrupt.

The idea that a Buffalo developer -- hell, any business owner in any town -- would pay his own money to build an NFL stadium might just be funnier than the idea that the Bills could/should move to Hamilton.

You are right! Southern Ontario is the ideal place for the Bills - 60,000 fans paying $100 a ticket plus them corporate suites -
The Hamilton region is half way between Buffalo/Niagara and Toronto and within an hour of London/Kitchener/Guelph.
A HUGE rich market to tap into.

One of the major issues with The Bills is the estate tax in the United States & New York State. While being asset rich, the Wilson estate does not have the cash to pay these taxes. Of course they could borrow to pay the tax bill, but this is an added cost. What you will most likely see is a deal to sell the Bills or more likely an already agreed upon deal to be executed during Ralph's last remaining days or on the death bed itself.

The other issue is the Bills protecting their regional rights. Thus the Bills in Toronto deal. It maintains justifiable activity within what they have determined as their geographic/regional territory/footprint. This is very much like the Toronto Maple Leafs and any discussion about an expansion franchise or an existing franchise coming into their market. Anyone coming in has to pay MLSE to compensate. Ralph Wilson & The Bills are doing the same thing with games at Rogers Centre.

Most likely buyers are a consortium led by Jim Kelly or one of either Jeremy Jacobs or Terry Pegula.

Otherwise its a Canadian Telecommunication & Media Company.

Yup, it's actually a no brainer but it wont' happen and that is fine. Can you imagine an Aldershot stadium and Burlington and Hamilton fighting over where the money goes? Man, these two cities can't agree on anything from what I can see.

Toronto has the "big" Blue Jays, Buffalo area the "big" Bills, and we sort of slip in between with a nice cottage wine type of league and team, the Cats.

Yes, Argos should just merge with the Cats to finish this scenario off. :wink:

Or the second largest city in the US - which does not currently have an NFL team - Los Angeles. Why would anyone move the team to Toronto (or Aldershot) when such a huge market in under-served now?

Hello. Ottawa Senators? The team receive only $6 million from government, and ended up having to pay for the highway interchange to allow people to actually get to the stadium.

But yeah, not likely that they'd build a stadium without some sort of concessions from government...unless they expect to be very profitable. As Judy Tenuta was fond of saying, "It could happen."

I totally agree. This is a fanciful, far-fetched idea.

This is/should not be news.
Just some type of a wannabe media hoar.