Bills to face Steelers in NFL exhibition game

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I wish everyone would boycott this game.

i can't believe so much hoop la is being made over the bills, especially for a crappy exhibition game.

Oh hum who Cares in the CFL.

I like watching both teams. However, I have no intentions of supporting either of them in Toronto. I would travel to Buff or Pittsburg. I say stay out of our market and let the home town Bills fans decide the future of the team. I am sure the true fans will have alot to say…

By not going you save:

  1. $120 on a game ticket


  1. An awful exhibition game

I am a dual fan of our beloved tigercats and steelers fan all my adult life and would love to see the steelers play the bills but for the cost it is not worth buying the whole package to see that game or pay a scalper that kind of money to see an exhibition game that will likely only see big ben play a quarter , these games are pretty boring if you ask me i would rarther spend the money on going to pittsburgh to see a regular game

Remember that the Bills in Toronto is a Toronto affair really, what they are looking for are the people in that city who think nothing of forking over big money going to Leaf games or Raptor games (Argo and Blue Jays are cheaper tickets). They really don't care about a bunch of people down the QEW who think hard about saving a couple of bucks here or there with a "roll up the rim" and win a free cup of coffee, not the type of fan they are catering to. They are looking for Toronto Hollywood North fans and businesses also of course to buy up scads of tickets.

Also reading this morning in the Spec the Cats and Bills are close to a cross promotional marketing thing. Nice, I think I've just turned from a Vikes fan to a Bills fan. Good job Mr. Young!!

hmmmm Didnt want to support Torontos hopes but the Steelers are my team ,I might have to go now! ONLY FOR THE STEELERS NOT THE BILLS!

I'd rather go to an Argos pre-season game.

Of course no one should feel at all "guilty", for lack of a better word, going to a Bills game in Toronto, people can spend their money and time the way they want.

I guess one good thing about not having much money is that I've chosen to spend the little sports entertainment dollars I have on the TiCats and going to the odd GC every now and then which really doesn't leave me with much else unless I want to sacrifice in other areas of my life. Again, though, the Bills and NFL aren't interested in "my sorts", as I mentioned above, which is fine. Well, at least for the Toronto games that is. :wink:

1 billion a game the city of Toronto would make from having the NFL in Toronto! Enough said!

Some people are trying to convince others, trying to convince themselves, hoping, praying, wishing and rubbing their lucky pennies that the NFL is coming.
In such a mindset there's no sense trying to talk to them.
'Nuff said.

1 billion??? Are you crazy? says who?

The thing about this is that in some weird sort of way, I actually would love to see the NFL succeed hugely in Toronto as I'm so sick and tired of all the focus on hockey and the Leafs. For me, football is a better game to watch and I don't think the Argos will ever be able to get to the Leafs level simply because the CFL isn't perceived by enough people in T.O. to be classified as "major league." So the only option would be for an NFL team to do the job. And some people tell me Toronto will never be a big football town, NFL or CFL so I'd like to see them eat crow.

The Bills now are officially my NFL team, Vikes have gone from 1st to 2nd. I was very impressed with what Russ Brandon, I think his name is, the COO of the Bills who was speaking on Sportsnet last night where he said Aug. 14-15 will be a football extravaganza with the Bills playing the Steelers on the 14th in the preseason and the Argonauts playing the next night. I just thought it was great he mentioned the Argo's game the next night. Whether he was told to or not, who knows, but doesn't matter, I thought it showed some class to be honest.

So, the Bills are going to play an insignificant, meaningless exhibition game in Toronto in mid-August. With a minimum ticket price of $75.00, they will take a bundle of money back home to Buffalo.
I wish it were not so, but since it's Toronto..... People in Toronto will pay any amount to see an 'event'. They don't seem to care about value for money, witness the Maple Leafs, it's more about being seen at the 'event'.

Then, the very next night, the Argos are playing an exhibition game. Hardly an 'event'. Just a ho-hum exercise, which will draw peanuts in comparison.

That's what will happen, in my opinion. But, PLEASE, don't credit the Bills with showing 'class' by deigning to mention what will be a poorly attended, less publicized attraction. They will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Wilf, I am speaking of Mr. Brandon actually who probably had nothing to do with the Bills in Toronto thingy, that was all Ralph Wilson I'm sure. Why can't you give credit where credit is due?

Simply because I don't think that any credit is due. That's my opinion. You have yours.

But, your Mr. Brandon is associated with the Bills. Due to this association, he will profit along with all his coworkers in Buffalo. Directly or indirectly, he stands to profit from this exercise.

And, as COO, he probably does have something to do with the 'Toronto thingy'. Again. my opinion.

Can you at least say you thought it showed some class by him mentioning the Argos? Or is this too much for you to admit?

I wish it were not so, but since it's Toronto..... People in Toronto will pay any amount to see an 'event'. They don't seem to care about value for money, witness the Maple Leafs, it's more about being seen at the 'event'.
I love when people hate on Leaf fans who continue to pay for tickets.

If you had Leaf season tickets would you give them up tomorrow?