Bills staying in BUFFALO

Now it is 99.9% official.

Terry and Kim P. have a deal to buy the BILLS :thup: :lol:

The author of this article says the NFL should not expand as there are enough teams now and that the Buffalo Bills would be the best team to move to London, Engl. Interesting.

NFL should avoid expansion, move two teams to London & L.A.

The best candidate to move its franchise to England are the Buffalo Bills. There are already two NFL teams in the state of New York, and the travel wouldn’t be tough for New England (seven-hour flight) or the New York Jets (seven and a half hours). Miami would lose out in this situation since its flight would be over nine hours, but that would reciprocate in that London’s team would have to make the same trip.

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Whatever... There is only one team on New York State and that is The Buffalo Bills.. NewJersey has the Jets and the Giants.. Look at your source.. Hes about as credible as MikeM.

Well yes, they don't play their home games in NY state, granted.