Bills Staying In Buffalo For At Least 7 Years

I wonder if the Bills can persuade Rogers to extend their deal to host one Bills a game per season to help pay for the Upgrades.

Well, who knows, Rogers has shown philanthropy, if you will, for the a team worth more than $600 - $700 mill, maybe more. :wink: Excellent for Bills fans though as I think the majority want them to stay exactly where they are, where they were born. I see there is a new stadium working group as well to look at a long term vision for the team in a new stadium.

Rogers needs to show a little of that for the Argos. At least they will have a champion in that stable. They seem to be buying up a piece of every team in Toronto except for the one that has a championship and one that is of very little cost to operate

They were never going anywhere in the first place. The people and city of Buffalo would never have allowed that to happen. The games in TO were just a money grab for the Wilson family so they could stay there and Rogers came through for them. Anyone who may have believed otherwise will be disappointed.