Bill's Sold!

Reuters News is reporting that the Buffalo Bill's have been sold to a local ownership group in the Buffalo area and not to MLSE and Bon Jovi I guess MLSE and group are not of the same professional calibre and got out bid by a local group.

I wonder now if MLSE will still have interest in the Argo's or just move forward with building a new facility for Toronto FC?

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It might lessen MLSE's interest in the Argos but really who friggin cares? I think a lot of people in Canada are just getting sick of the Toronto centric attitude that without Toronto, nothing is relevant. The NFL just told Ed Rogers and Larry Tanenbaum we don't need you or your money or your likes and the NHL still respects teams that won Stanley Cups when the league had 6 teams for so many years and the CFL has operated without a team in a large city like Montreal and CFL cities have refurbished stadiums and built new ones and new ones coming even with everyone and their uncle knowing the Argo problems in Toronto.

So, the problem right now is Toronto, can they do a gridiron stadium or not for whatever or else they soon might not have a CFL or NFL team. It's their choice really in the "Centre of the Proverbial Universe" there in TO. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm glad this has happened. It lessens the risk that the NFL will come to Canada in the foreseeable future. With the Bills in Buffalo, the NFL would be harming them seriously by introducing or moving a team so close to them.

It appears that those who have predicted vigourously that the NFL will definitely be in Toronto within five years are wrong. To me this is very good news for the CFL.

IMO,The CFL will put the $10M into BMO Stadium for the CFL field reno,
the value of the Arblows will go up and Braley will sell the team, probably to MLSE.
I wouldn't be surprised to eventually see,
The Leafs owning the Arblows and the Canucks owning the Lions.
The Flames already own the Stamps

why is it that you always take great pleasure in bashing Toronto. Like it or not the Argos are important to the CFL. Your statements are nonsense and make you seem petty. :thdn:

The Argos are only important to the CFL if they have solid ownership with a solid gridiron stadium. Right now they have neither and are a hindrance to this league. That might bother you, sorry.

So my statements might be nonsense to you and others but quite frankly I don't care, that is what I think and that's the way it goes SIR. Have a good day Lenny. :thup:

I’m with you Lennywasout.

I like Earl, he has many good comments here and lots of interesting things to say. But the Toronto bashing is too easy, too much of a generalization, too negative and groundless. Bashing Toronto is a petty sport some people indulge in. That comes across as jealousy more than anything else. It is unbecoming.

I live in Toronto, Earl (some of the time). I don’t think Toronto is the centre of the universe, proverbial or otherwise. I don’t think everything outside Toronto is irrelevant. I don’t know anyone who does think those things. I’m sorry you feel the way you do.

No doubt the Argo's are a part of the CFL family but also require solid local ownership not always someone like Hamilton Businessman David Braley bailing them out, in a nine team league he owns two teams, who ever heard of anything so crazy in sports, just like the days of the CFL having two Roughrider teams, laughable.

This fan on the CFL Blog says it well about the MLSE and the Argo's and why many CFL fans should be concerned is that there is actually some talk about the Argo's being sold to TSN and other media groups to keep the team in Toronto and keep it viable for the CFL now I don't know about other CFL fans but the Argo's are not that important to have the CFL and TSN partner and buy the team, in that case move them to Halifax.

Postby Xvys » Tue Sep 09, 2014 4:53 pm

One idea is having TSN/ESPN buy the Argos in a partnership with the league: TSN 60%, CFL 25%, ESPN15%, for example. This way all CFL teams could help the Argos, subsidizing them if necessary, along with the TV rights-holders in Canada & U.S...all having a stake in the Argos fortunes. To further entice their TV partners, the league could agree to cover 100% of losses over $2.5 million per season. But we all know the Argos will be a success relocated to a more-intimate football-specific stadium in the GTA. So losses are unlikely to be a factor.

The Argos could be promoted as America's Team on ESPN (and given prominence in Canada) with games scheduled to attract national audiences in the U.S. and Canada (i.e. Sunday 4:00 pm.) TSN and ESPN would be represented on the Argos Board of Directors, gaining international exposure for the team and league.

steve, look, I wish the best for the city of Toronto, I like going there for some things and my sister lives there. But many people I’ve met from Toronto over the years bash Hamilton as a dirty smelly steel town that they wouldn’t visit if their life depended on it. So that’s where I’m coming from, I like to bash Toronto.

But don’t feel sorry for me, this is all fun, its’ friggin SPORTS guys! SPORTS, it’s escapism like soaps and Hollywood and that! The real stuff in life like what’s happening in the Middle East and Ferguson and the Ukraine etc. now that’s serious stuff and not to be joked around with like we can do with sports although the Ray Rice situation even though it’s a sports story in many respects, is also not to be joked around with.

Sports is like Something About Mary - Ted, I’m f…in around with you, as Mary said. :wink:

sorry but the CFL needs a solid team in the largest city in Canada to be successful and be respected as a league.

Just because Toronto thinks they are the "Center of the Universe"
Doesn't mean they aren't.

Yes Grove and ARGOS SUCK! And if that is forbidden on this site, then really who needs to be on this site? Lighten up everybody, Toronto SUCKS (even though I might go there tomorrow and take in a concert I couldn't in Hamilton. :wink: ) Hey we are all Canadians and you have to laugh at yourself like Newfies have learned to do over the years. :wink:

Bob, I know you don't like the ARGOS SUCK rant but if I can't do that, well then is there really any need to have sports? I've heard much worse on American sports boards from one team's fans to another, much worse, pure fulgarities.

Bottom line is we all want all of our Canadian cities and villages and towns and anywhere in Canada to prosper and be healthy even if we toss some jokes around.

Joan Rivers, RIP. I'm just sick of being trying to be politically correct all the time. That just SUCKS.

Bill who?

This is news worthy?

Astronomy: just another thing that Toronto Sucks at.

Oh look a Toronto sympathizer.. I'm watching you Lenny :wink:

Bill has sold what to whom?

Or Bill is sold to whom?

Watch now Braley will want to move the Argo's in with The Tiger-Cats at Tim Horton's Field I'm sure Tiger-Cat Fans won't object, some who posted who like the Argo's might be in favour of that??