Bills receive $78 Million for 8 games in TO

I found this very interesting..

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BUFFALO, N.Y. - The Buffalo Bills will receive C$78 million - more than double their projected [b]2006[/b] operating income - to play eight games in Toronto over the next five years.
Seeing how the author cant even get the year right! I doubt the number is correct

Just another reason to hate Rogers... :roll:

who they get the money from???

The year is right, he is comapring the 78 mill to their 2006 operating income. Maybe the numbers for 2007 haven't been released yet.

I would guess from the article, Rogers are likely paying the "Bills"...

Maybe but he said "projected" 2006 is no longer "Projected" 2008 is

I dont know where you get "projected" because the word is used nowhere in the article! The word the author used is calculated! You can change the word in your post to suit you argument, but your cant change what the article's words are!

They must have changed it because I simply copied and pasted.
I certainly didnt add the word "projected" Why would I?

What I wanna know is, Is Ted and Larry, and who ever else is involved, using their own money, or is it coming out of company funds. Are there shareholders of these companies who might not like having their money used this way. Who foots the bill in the end if and when they lose money on this? And I sure hope they do.

They won't get anything from me.

If the money is comming out of company funds, the share holders cant say boo. A board of directers is like the government. You vote them in and they make the decisions. If you are not happy, you vote for someone else next time

I might end up buying a pair of tickets to a game if my name is selected and if the games are sold individually. But then I might try and sell them on the street at game time. If I go, I will be sure to wear my TiCats stuff though.
Problem is I do love all football have to admit and I am tempted to go to one game anyways. I think that if the games are successful, while it might not help the Argos in any way, I think it could help football overall in Canada, more of a presence of football in the media with some NFL games being played here which in turn is good for kids playing the game etc. I don't know.

Well, that also shoots down this statement that appeared in the Toronto Sun in 1998:

"One of the main concerns about Toronto is the SkyDome, which seats fewer than 60,000 for football and has revenue-flow problems in the league's eyes."

So if they are paying $78M for 8 games to recoup that money Rogers would need each ticket sold to bring in $162.50 (78,000,000/(60,000 seats x 8 games)= 162.50).
For arguement's sake we'll say that concessions balance out the Dome operating costs & promotion of the games.
That leaves a minimum average price of $162.50. We all know it will be higher as there has to be a profit. For comparison the Bills average ticket price for a game in Buffalo is $51. I fail to see any value in purchasing a ticket to a game in Toronto. Especially when you consider that preseason games are generally cheaper to buy, which means that Toronto regular season tickets will most certainly average higher that $162.50.

If a game has playoff implications, you will be able to scalp the tickets on the street for a good profit, no prob.

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Skydome only seats 52,000 for football, not 60,000. So Rogers is paying the Bills $187 for each ticket to lure them to Toronto for 8 games. That is the minimum cost, not the average. He will have other costs in hosting the games, so an average ticket price of $350 was projected.

$78 Million would pay the salary of every player in the CFL for two and half seasons. Too Rogers wouldn't spend that money to help improve Canada's professional and college football teams, rather than promoting the NFL and NCAA International Bowls in Toronto with ridiculously inflated price tags.

But that's not his goal Xuys, to promote Canadian style football, even though it's too bad as you say. His goal is, as we know, to get an NFL team for Toronto and ultimately to make lots of money from that venture. At least he isn't being two faced about it, he basically doesn't care about the CFL and his actions say so loud and clear.

I still say a boycott of Rogers related products can be successful.