Bills player not a big fan of playing in Toronto

Bills Wilson comments on playing in Toronto.... :wink:

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What's the over under on amount of tickets given away for this fiasco?
10 thousand? 15?

LOL -shame on all the mindless sheep who enrolled in the lottery for the "privilege" of buying tickets to ALL 8 games of the series at an absurd price. On the bright side they get to take in "the biggest sports in event in Toronto's history".
What a flop.

Not your typical response from an overpaid, underachieving and classless American "athlete" (in general not Wilson). He makes some good points about the venue (worst place in North America to see a football game), the fans (definitely gonna get an NFL crowd not a Bills crowd) and the atmosphere outside (tailgating? Toronto? Are you nuts?). Points well made and although not much to do with whether or not NFL could survive in Toronto I hope it keeps the league away.

To be sure, there is a marked difference between the atmosphere in Toronto — even with a capacity crowd of about 53,000 expected — and Ralph Wilson Stadium here, where more than 68,000 fans traditionally pack the joint.
If the Bills avg 68,000+ per game, Why does Wilson constantly cry poor, or that he may have to relocate the Bils to a more lucrative city etc?

And if this game in T.O. is a capacity crowd, I guarantee at least 15-20,000 are gimmees.

Ralph was/is just using Toronto as a threat to get public money to spruce up The Ralph and this is what is going to happen it seems. He wants to leave the team easier to sell at a higher price for his family upon his death as his family isn't interested in owning the team I understand.

I think Phil Lind et al. though they could make an easy purchase of the Bills for a good price citing their stadium is too old etc. but their thinking, as it's turned out, is wrong I would say.

Classless American (in general) …??? so all American athletes are classless? seems your the one being classless with that comment