Bills out of Toronto?

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Looks like the Bills could be trying to get out of their new 5-year deal in Toronto.
If they do...good riddance. And Rogers can forget about an NFL franchise.

I wonder why they said that now rather than last May when they just renewed with Rogers for another 5 years? they could have said no then and saved themselves millions.

How would the Bills save millions but not agreeing to the Rogers deal? Rogers is paying the Bills millions to play in Toronto - not the other way around.

I wish what you say is true, but do you not realize the difference between some other city's team that is visiting, and a team than is Toronto's?

A Toronto NFL team would, sadly, get more fans than the Bills are getting.

Looks like Rogers kicked themselves in the ass, by announcing on Grey Cup day a false rumour, which in turn back fired, pushing a lot of Bills fans in Buffalo to stay away in fear that their team might be gone !!

Good Job Rogers Marketing Dept, :thdn:

Scalpels were selling tickets for 20.00 in the 100 level, just to get rid of them :lol:

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One of the Buffalo Bills executive suits, Russ Brandon is starting to have second thoughts about the Bills in Toronto series...

From the CTV news site:

[b]"CHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Buffalo Bills President Russ Brandon expressed concern over whether his team loses a competitive edge by playing annual home games in Toronto.
During his weekly show on Buffalo's WGR-AM on Wednesday, Brandon said while the "Bills In Toronto" series helps boost the team's revenue, it hasn't paid off in wins. The Bills are 1-5 in Toronto.
"Nothing comes above winning," Brandon said. "When I took over the reins on Jan. 1, I said that was the number one focus, and that will be the number one focus. That's one of the reasons that this will be reviewed in a grand manner."

Brandon stopped short of saying whether the Bills would consider cancelling the series or can opt out of the four remaining years of the deal renewed in January with Toronto-based communications giant Rogers Communications.
"I'm going to look at everything. I'll just leave it at that," Brandon said, before being asked a second time whether the Bills can opt out. "My focus in this organization is simple, to put ourselves in the position to win championships and sustain success. Period. Nothing comes above that."

The Bills organization may make the decision for Rogers....

I, for one, am sick of watching the clowns in Buffalo mess up what should be a positive thing for them. Their players complain about the trip, the presence of out-of-town jerseys, the fact that the dome "takes away their home-field advantage" because it isn't cold and windy, and year after year on the field they turn in uninspired stink-out performances that do nothing but turn off the potential fans they are playing in front of. And now this Russ Brandon character is half-way blaming Toronto for a "lack of competitiveness", ignoring both the team's 4-7 record outside of Toronto this year, and the fact that the extra millions in the team's coffers (thanks to Rogers) should certainly be helping them field a competitive product if he and his GM were doing their jobs properly.

How in the name of Jim Kelly do they expect to win fans over with all this incessant whining and bitching? It is no wonder that attendance is dropping every year. If these idiots had spent the past six years embracing the opportunity to show a passionate, competitive product to the Toronto fanbase, with reasonable ticket prices and some sort of community engagement, this thing could very well have been a huge success. Instead, it is an utter embarrassment.

Aren't they 1-5 in Orchard Park as well? :lol: :lol:

"Buffalo Bills President Russ Brandon expressed concern over whether his team loses a competitive edge by playing annual home games in Toronto."

This just goes to show what the Cats had to overcome by playing their Home Games in Guelph.
Guelph did an outstanding job and so did the Ticats organization.
Not once did Austin or Caretaker use that or anything else as an excuse when they had a poor start to the season!
I do not blame the Bills for wanting out of the deal, but the reason is that people in Southern Ontario obviously do not care about the Buffalo Bills,
The Bills made a football decision based on money and greed, and it has cost them wins.
Come to think of it, the Bills and Rogers are a perfect match for each other.

:lol: Toronto and the dome are such a bad place for Football, that the NFL team who's being giving a fortune to play there and has played there for the past 6 years is saying it's so bad, and such a bad environment, we're thinking about pulling the plug. :lol:

But Toronto deserves an NFL team...yeah right.

The article is right about one thing though, Bills fans are feeling betrayed with this series as it's starting to come of as a poor attempt to test rellocation, and now it's comming back to haunt the org. Brandon should pull the series and make a marketing event out of it.

Football: What makes you think there will be an NFL franchise in Toronto?
Rogers has been using the Bills to get an NFL foothold in Toronto. Looks to me as if that strategy has failed.The last time I heard anything from the NFL about being in Canada, it was some comment about no plans because there were cities in the US waiting for franchises.
So...looks like Rogers is back to square one in trying to woo the NFL. Heck if Buffalo, desperate to find new fans, doesn't like playing exhibition games in Toronto, why would the NFL consider locating there?

It's all good for the long as the Blue team can make a go of it in Toronto.

I don't think there will be anytime soon. I am simply saying that just because the fans are not going to the bills games does not mean they will not go to a Toronto NFL teams games.

Rogers has not given up, even if the Bills thing failed. Rogers and all the rest of the pro NFL in Toronto idiots will not quit.

The Bills will last until about 2019 or 2020 in Buffalo then they are gone - probably Toronto - but maybe another US city. They can't afford to stay in Buffalo. With fewer corporate boxes than any other NFL team and tickets that are priced a full 30% lower than the NFL average nobody is going to pay $2 billion dollars to keep them there. ($1 billion for the team and another $1 billion or so for a new stadium.)

What their GM said today was just some bullsheit PR to make him sound good to Bills fans who don't like this series. When he was specifically asked if they can opt out of the five year deal they signed this year and he wouldn't answer - meaning they can't get out of the contract they signed with Rogers

Even with one fewer game to sell and tickets that are 30% lower in price than the average NFL price they will only sellout 2 games this season in Buffalo. 20% of their season ticket holders now are in the GTA.

Toronto would so easily support an NFL team. When this Bills series in Toronto was first announced over 100,000 people signed up within a couple of weeks for ticket information. It was only once Rogers came out with their absolutely ridiculous pricing and terms that 80% of those who were interested (including myself) backed out. For 500 level seats that were going for under $100 last weekend they were asking for $175 per ticket - even for the three pre-season games - and you had to pay for all 8 games (5 regular, 3 pre season games) in full in advance. In other words for a pair of 500 level seats a person was expected to pay $2800.00 in full back for 8 games back in 2008 - even though some of the games in that initial offering were not to be played until 2012. And thousands still did buy into that at those outrageous prices and terms. People paid Rogers in 2008 for games that were not going to be played until 2012!

When (not if) an NFL team comes to Toronto - some corporation out there WILL pay hundreds of millions of dollars for 20-25 year naming rights to a new stadium. Corporate boxes would sell out lightning fast - and I have very little doubt that if prices are comparable to average NFL prices that easily over 50,000 season tickets will sell in days.

I've posted this link elsewhere here - but I think Stephen Brunt has it right with this article.

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Another thing.....the NFL does not allow groups or companies to own a team. It has to be an individual. Green Bay is likely the exception being community-owned franchise.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to who could cough up that kind of coin in Canada?


Even if all of your assumptions were correct. an owner needs the majority of NFL owners to move a franchise and they won't put themselves in the political crosshair by moving a team out of the US.

Why would the NFL be any different than the NBA or MLB. Did those owners get grief when they located teams in Canada?

And as for who has money to buy an NFL team it is a fallacy that one person has to own 100% of the team NFL rules are that one person or family has to own just 30% of the team and be 'the face' of the franchise to the league with all kinds of others financing the other 70% of a purchase price. So that means something like $300 million will suffice and there are all kinds of people involved with MLSE and/or Rogers who can easily come up with that kind of coin. Read the Brunt article and he lays it all out on a pretty logical manner - and he really does connect the dots pretty well in my opinion.

I have no doubt that almost any company that has boxes and season tickets to Leafs games would snap up NFL boxes and tickets. In fact last time I was in a box at a Leafs game that very subject came up and everybody in the box and the guys in the box next to us who we were chatting with all agreed boxes for an NFL team would be hugely popular with corporations to entertain clients because the NFL is considered the big show - perfect for impressing loyal clients.

Even any friends I know who are Argos season ticket holders - (and I know 10 of them - sat with them at the Eastern Final) every single one of them have said they would buy NFL tickets and all of them had other friends who weren't really interested in the Argos but would be in an NFL team if Toronto had their own. Other non-CFL friends of mine who I sometimes go to the odd Jays or TFC game with - most of them say they would buy NFL tickets if they had their own team. The only ones of all those ticket buying Toronto sports fans who have bought Bills in Toronto series tickets have done so not because they like the Buffalo Bills or even like the series. They are only doing it under the assumption it will give them priority access to season tickets once the Bills move to Toronto.

I really think anybody who says the lack of the support for the Bills series means that people in Toronto won't support an NFL team don't have a clue what they are talking about.

You sum it up correctly. I think there are many CFL fans just don't want to believe it and will find any small reason to say that the NFL is not coming. You say "lack of support" for the Bills but I call close to 40,000 paying well over $100 a ticket a success. As Blunt says in his article, the time is up for Buffalo. The population of Buffalo is shrinking, they don't have the fans that are willing to pay for the big money makers like the "Private Suites", "Club Seats" the huge corporate sector, Toronto has dozens of head offices of companys. You are right Toronto has an MLB franchise, NBA, MLS, NHL it's time they have their NFL team.

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Travelpat I think they would move the team to LA before they would move them to hogtown.....

I think you're full of it, 20$ is a little steep isn it!!!! :lol: :wink:

You could be right K/P - LA is a possibility - being the largest TV market in North America - with Toronto 4th. I find it incredible the NFL has gone this long without a team there. I'm dating myself here when but when I was 19 I went to an NFL playoff game once back in 1978 in LA when the Rams were playing the Vikings at the Coliseum and it was a lot of fun. We were right near the CBS pregame studio crew and I remember chatting with Brent Musburger, Jimmy the Greek and Phyllis George. I was in the L.A. area with my brother and two friends to go to the Rose Bowl that year & in the course of a week in LA we went to that NFL playoff game, the Rose Bowl (USC vs Michigan) a Lakers game (when they had (Kareem Abdul Jabbar), a Kings-Canucks game and a UCLA basketball game at Pauley Pavilion. Lots of fun!

But getting back to the Bills - the NFL is very averse to cross country moves of franchises partly for geographical rivalry reasons but mainly because of the very negative publicity the league endured with previous franchise moves. And as Brunt discusses in the article Toronto is now considered part of the Bills region. Therefore even though admittedly it is a bit of a stretch it can nonetheless be argued that by selling to an ownership group out of Toronto rather than LA the NFL could say at least they were keeping the Bills within the same region that their fans are in now. In fact for 20% of their season ticket base a Toronto game would be closer to home and for most of the rest just 2 hours or so away. So they could argue a move to Toronto is not taking a team away from its current fan base.

San Diego is having stadium problems in Southern California so there have been all kinds of rumblings of a possible move of that team to Los Angeles - which is for NFL purposes considered part of the Chargers region. So if LA doesn't get an expansion team a more likely choice for a team to move there if the NFL wants to avoid bad publicity would be a two hour move north for the Chargers. (A franchise incidentally that played its first season in Los Angeles).