Bills latest......bye bye Toronto?

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Schumer, Goodell to meet with Bills owner about future

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BUFFALO, N.Y. -- National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell will join U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer at an upcoming meeting with Bills owner Ralph Wilson to explore ways to help keep the team in Buffalo, according to the New York Democrat.

Wilson's decision to schedule some Bills preseason and regular-season games for the first time at the 50,000-capacity Rogers Centre in Toronto as a way to generate more revenue has led to speculation that the franchise will one day move north.

"Commissioner Goodell is committed to doing anything he and the league can to keep the Bills in Buffalo," Schumer said Wednesday after meeting with Goodell in Washington, D.C. The year-old league revenue-sharing agreement that benefits smaller-market teams -- and a better schedule last season that helped the Bills sell out 73,000-capacity Ralph Wilson Stadium in suburban Orchard Park -- were important steps, he said.

"The commissioner discussed several issues with the senator, including the Bills, and agreed to continue the dialogue in the months ahead," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said.

The league approved the deal to send the Bills north for one game a season through 2012 and three preseason games. The Toronto partners are Blue Jays owner Ted Rogers and Larry Tanenbaum, chairman of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, which owns the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors.

"Hey, I can't speculate what's going to happen in the future," Wilson said last week, when asked about the Bills moving north. "But don't worry. Don't worry right now."

Schumer said Wednesday's talks did not address whether other NFL franchises might relocate to the Canadian city. Wilson said he thinks Toronto is ready to support one.

"(Goodell) and I are going up to meet with Mr. Wilson in the near future to discuss the future of the Bills and try to figure out ways we can help the Bills to stay in Buffalo," Schumer told reporters in a conference call.

for bleep sakes, the bills are not going anywhere, the NFL is not coming to Canada

ticats111: I've been saying that all along.

As have I. Also said when push comes to shove, the big political cats would get involved. It was blackmail to get the State and Bills backers with deep pockets involved in new facilities and backing. "Show me the Money"!

Yeah, it's that and it's also marketing the team to Toronto. Maybe even suckering the Toronto fans by leading them to believe that the NFL is coming here.

the bills need to be in buffalo, just like the leafs could never leave toronto, or the cats leaving hamilton.

galisano, who owns the sabres is interested, jim kelly has a backer. they are going to stay in buffalo. you can make money there!! Ralph has had the bills there since 1960, if they didn't make him money, and i believe he's a billionaire, he would've moved them sooner.

this is just a case of the rich getting, or wanting to get richer!

the bills games in toronto will be EXACTLY like the leafs, all corporate and the true fans are in the rafters

Looks like ol' Ralph has been using Toronto and Tannenbaum's group of money guys to wake up the NFL. If you read paragraph 3 it looks like it worked. Better deal already for the Bills to stay where they are.

The knock on Buffalo is that they don’t have a big corporate community, but I visted HSBC tonight to see the Sabres/Leafs game and it just ain’t true. They even had one of those radio controlled blimps dropping a few free car wash coupons from Snootsy’s Car Wash or something on the fans between periods - how much bigger league a promotion are you going to get than that.

Note: this post is not meant to disparage the terrific fans of Buffalo, the folks that sponsored the blimp promotion or any of the other local businesses that get on board to support their local team - it’s more an expression of my opinion that the Bills will eventually leave Buffalo, not because of anything Buffalo has done wrong, but because whomever is going to pay 32 trillion dollars for the Bills on Wilson’s passing is going to want to operate the franchise in a place where he’s most likely to earn some of that money back.

It’s always possible that the NFL will “incent” Wilson’s estate to sell the Bills for considerably less than their market value in order to keep them home (like the NHL did with the Predators) but I’m not sure that’s the way the NFL does business.

Can’t see someone buying the Bills for less on the condition that they keep them in Buffalo. If for no reason than they won’t sell for less than market value. Wilson’s heirs have to pay taxes on fair market value of team. So that’s what they’ll sell it for. Anything less, they’re losing money. Think I got that right.

All basically window dressing people. hey, if the Baltimore Colts can get up and move in the middle of the night, so can any team. And Al Davis showed a few people moving the Raiders out of LA.

People think the commissioners of the leagues run the whole show. Nothing, and I repeat nothing, can be further from the truth is some instances. The NFL is one such instance where the very wealthy owners have so much power.

And things can happen real fast in the world of pro sports. Again, just Google the Baltimore Colts and you'll see why the Bills in Buffalo on a long term basis is certainly far from a sure thing. The NFL did not want to leave LA and I'm sure there were many reports in the media saying this but they did leave. So the NFL saying they are working on keeping the Bills in Buffalo and want to see the Bills in Buffalo for a long time to come, well, as I say, all window dressing to me.

I haven't seen the official numbers but apparently Ted Rogers paid Ralph quite handsomely to 'rent' the Bills for the 8 games. If Ted Rogers sells all the tickets, the total amount could be around $110M. How much of that got paid to Wilson? And how much of that could be used to build a new stadium in Buffalo? Think of the irony.

I personally don't think a new stadium will happen in Buffalo but that's just me. I think a deal has already been struck between Ted Rogers group and Wilson to be quite honest based on how well Toronto proves itself to be an NFL city. I doubt Ralph Wilson is doing anything that much to get a new stadium built, others maybe but why would you build a new stadium in a city that is not on the economic uprise? Doesn't make any sense to me since a new stadium means increased ticket prices and again, doesn't make sense to do this in Buffalo.

I'm not so sure. Without the approval of the NFL the agreement would be meaningless.

Well r4, the NFL from what I've read didn't really want anything to do with this Toronto experiment but basically rubber stamped the whole thing. Why? Because the NFL listens to what their owners want to do and that takes, or seems to anyways, precedence over what the league office wants or again, seems to want. That's how I see the NFL operating. Why do you think Bob Young opted out? Because he knows the NFL operates like this without formal agreements here and there, it's an owners league.

Ted Rogers and Ralph Wilson seem to be friends, and that will matter a lot in the future of the Bills IMHO.

Whatever happens....I think the CFL ought to ban Ted Rogers, Tannenbaum et al from entering any CFL game. Make some wanted posters with their pictures and hang them in the stadiums.
They are hell-bent on destroying the CFL so thats the least the teams can do to show them where to stick their money. :smiley:

Have to admit mr62 that I find myself not only having very mixed emotions on this but emotions that are up and down like a yoyo. On the one hand, I want football to become big here in southern Ontario like it is in other parts of Canada and most parts of the US so that when you go to say an online newspaper like the Toronto Star, you won't see football placed 4th on the website after hockey, baseball and basketball. But I want first and foremost the CFL to survive and thrive forever. And I don't know if the Bills playing games in Toronto and maybe Toronto getting an NFL team helps football overall in these parts and helps the CFL to grow at the same time. I really have no friggin clue and I'm not one that really likes uncertainty. Oh well, what can you I guess. :expressionless:

Of course banning Ted Rogers from the Ted Rogers Centre could present a challenge, but it's worth a try. :slight_smile:

section 8: I should have included your comment as part of my post. Thanks for adding it. Darn right its worth a try!