Bills interested in Trestman

you'll probably be surprised at my comment.... but I don't like this...I like the CFL to stay strong in its player depth and i value competent coaching....Trestman sets the bar high as far as CFL coaching goes...I also like to compete against the best...It;ll be a loss to the Als. for sure but also the CFL... :thdn: Now i'll put my BlueNgold back on.. :thup:

But not a surprise, if he goes to the NFL, the Money will be huge and nobody could turn that down . If it's not Buffalo it will be somebody else.

Unless he has an out in his contract (which IIRC it's been said he doesn't) then he won't be leaving the Als for at least a couple of seasons.

That may well be true, but the CFL is famous for allowing people out of their contracts rather than hold someone back from improving their personal situation. I am confident that Als would allow Trestman to talk with a team (outside of the CFL) if he asked.

I am particularily confident that Larry Smith would not hold him back. Also could be some financial compensation, but do not believe they would hold out for it, if it would kill any offer a NFL club had for Trestman.

The Bills would only be interested if the Als lose the GC next week; like the Als, the Bills were once perennial bridesmaids and have zero interest in starting a winning tradition in Buffalo :stuck_out_tongue: