Bills in Torornto vs. Seahawks, Dec. 16th

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The Buffalo Bills will play host to the Seattle Seahawks when they visit Toronto for their fifth annual regular season game to be played in Toronto.

The two border-town teams will kickoff at the Rogers Centre on December 16 this upcoming season, scheduled for 4:05 p.m.

Nice to see that they're playing in T.O. after the CFL season is over.

But, I suspect that has more to do with the Bills not selling out their last three games supposedly due to December weather.

Question is, who wants to go see the Seahawks, especially if the Bills are out of it by then.

Who are the bills?

The seahawks???? Can someone fill me in? :wink:


Though I'm pretty excited for the Ticats game at Skydome on November 25th, too.

Nevermind that, where the heck is Torornto?

somewhere in the usa

So I wonder, does Rogers allow the CFL to put up large posters for the 100th GC on their stadium with this NFL game a few weeks later making the excuse they won't have enough time to get the Bills posters up and all that? That'll be interesting to see what happens with this.

In the Republic of Rogersonia.

Wait a minute......

According to most of my American coworkers, and I love these guys and I have nothin against the USA, but isn't Toronto or the city of ontario, the capital of Canada???


Hmmm, I always thought Toronto, well Canada for that matter, was located in that mystical place called Linderville. I'll have to go check out a map. :wink:


I see your point, but actually, I think the Bills have an outside shot at a wildcard. I am really excited abut this front 7. Let's see what they can do. If it works out, that mid-December game could turn out to be a big deal!